Molto Ristorante in Rome, Italy

Molto Ristorante, elegant, modern and spacious in its residence of 320 square meters, has been in the neighborhood of Parioli since 2006. It has a distinguished setting of wood, iron and slate but with a ensconced cozy and tranquil space right in the middle of the city. There is an open wine cellar of important wine labels that has grown notably over the decade.

The Italian gastronomic tradition inspired by seasonality and freshness is significant in its kitchen philosophy of the proprietors, the Bassetti family, wherein the ingredients are mainly sourced from their family estate which overlooks the hills of Cerveteri. The production is purely organic and the harvest is one manually. In the kitchen of the restaurant, the products arrive daily where Chef Paolo Castrignano revisits the recipes of the regional tradition and territory in a personalized modern way.

One of the highlights of dining at Molto Ristorante is the presence of the rotisserie at the very heart of the restaurant. It offers a unique olfactory experience in such a refined setting. Depending on the availability, free-range chickens, ducks, suckling pigs and game are prepared daily.

There are, however, other proposals in the menu that are made with excellent ingredients which are certified with their origin and quality. Keep in mind that the menu entries change often, according to the availability of seasonal ingredients. For starters, there are Crispy Prawns and Mayonnaise with Vegetables (€18); Cuttlefish with Bottarga and Potatoes with Lemon (€17) as well as Fassone Beef Tartare "La Granda" with Mustard Sauce (€20). 

There is also a vast proposal of cured meat and cheese from the buffet: 30-month old Parmigiano Reggiano cheese from  the mountains (€15), as well as Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse (€16); Bresaola D.O.P. from Valtellina (€18); Selection of Cheeses from the Trolley (€22); and much more. For a group of 4, you can also get the Gran Tagliere with a Selection of Italian Cured Meat (€80).

For the pasta dishes, tradition dictates in a plate of Amatriciana (€16); as well as Maccheroni Cacio e Pepe Style added with an innovative twist of octopus and lemon (€18). Spaghettone in Ajo e Ojo Style added with Pecorino cheese and raw prawns (€18).

The selection of meat at the rotisserie is not to be missed as this is the restaurant's delectable specialty. Wild Range Chicken (€18), Suckling Pork (€22), Selection of Meat from the Rotisserie (€30) or a Whole Chicken "Nero di Borgogna" (€60). 

Other seafood and meat main courses are also available like the Codfish in Catalan Style (€22), Warm Veal Carpaccio (€22) or Lobster BBQ with Black Rice (€50). Conclude the meal with one of their desserts (€10 to €11) like the Tiramisù, Semifreddo, Granita with Sour Cream, Zabaione and much more.

Lunch at Molto Ristorante have lighter options while on Sundays starting at 12:30, brunch is served with varied multi-coursed menus at a fixed price of €40 for adults and €30 for children up to 8 years old.

Molto Ristorante

Viale dei Parioli, 122

00197 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 8082900


Open daily for lunch and dinner