Fallo alla Romana at Eataly Rome, Italy

Fallo all Romana! We share the quality and the jolly ambience. Eataly Rome launches a new initiative dedicated to the traditional Roman cuisine with a special daily event every 19:00 to 23:00. On the 12th of April Eataly launched its new formula of "Fallo alla Romana" (Do It The Roman Way). It is based on the old Roman way of sharing the food and the pleasure of being together by having the food served straight from the pots and pans to your table. Taking up a typical Roman motto, it's a fun way to celebrate the culinary tradition and the convivial aspect of good eating and good drinking. It makes eating more homey and fun doesn't it?

This new concept of eating is available daily in the restaurants of Eataly Rome (Ostiense) from 19:00 to 23:00 with pots for 2 persons. While every Thursday there will be guest chefs from Roman restaurants cooking their traditional recipes. The recipes and guest restaurants constantly change but one thing that will remain constant is the traditionality of the dishes.

At the presentation night, all the guest restaurants for the event were present with their recipes served in pots. The Ristoro Degli Angeli presented their mezze maniche alla vignarola romana with fava beans, peas and artichokes. Osteria di San Cesareo made the Amatriciana while Eataly came up with the Carbonara according to the recipe of their Executive Chef Roberto Cotugno.

Lo'Steria di Ponte Milvio presented a pot of lamb meatballs and Roman artichokes while Osteria 22Quattro made the lamb chops cooked with Roman broccoli and potatoes with rosemary. Flavio al Velavevodetto presented a pot of coda alla vaccinara while Antica Macelleria Annibale presented a pot of Roman tripe accompanied with a dish of mixed fresh salad with Pecorino cheese, mint and cooked anchovy dressing by Maria Luisa Zaia of the Oste della Bon'Ora.

Salted cod with chickpeas and crispy leeks was Mamma Angelina's proposal while Gaetano & Pasquale Torrente proposed a mixture of anchovies (fried anchovies, anchovies with Provola cheese, meatballs of anchovies, bread with butter and anchovies).

Cacciani proposed the picchiapo meatballs while La Briciola of Cristiana Montellanico proposed the vignarola. From Eataly's third floor restaurant, Paolo Trippini made a pot of chicken with peppers.

In addition to the salty entries, Dolci Desideri and Forattini pastry shops, as well as Eataly bakery provided the cakes while the wines were provided by a couple of local wine producers from Lazio, Trebotti and Castel de Paolis. To cheer the evening, Gli Stornellattori performed some Roman folk songs stopping in the various restaurants which is curated by Fabrizio Masci.

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