Co.So Cocktail & Social in Rome, Italy

It’s time to pass the baton. Massimo D’Addezio, an authoritative figure in the world of mixology in Italy and Europe and from the TV program dedicated to the art of mixology, Spirits, I Maestri del Cocktail of Gambero Rosso Channel decided to hand over his cocktail bar to Giulia Castellucci, a young and promising mixologist who has joined Massimo in the TV program along with business partners Benedetto Guarino and Chef Riccardo Bucci. Riccardo has had experiences working in the kitchen alongside some important bartenders in the Roman scene.

Co.So. Cocktail & Social (retaining the old name) just re-opened a few weeks ago and the young trio has philosophy of breathing innovation and creating a youthful soul in their cocktail bar. The attention and promotion to art and design, which has always been part of Co.So’s identity, will continue to be a distinctive feature of the place. There is the mural painting of KOI, a Roman street artist, and the original staff uniform that is designed by, a young and emerging Roman fashion brand.

The soul of the new Co.So is the drink list but Chef Riccardo Bucci is also putting a food menu that can be parallel the excellence of the cocktails. Do not miss the great classic, as well as Co.So’s flagship cocktail drink, the Carbonara Sour and a selection of drinks born from the collaboration with Massimo D’Addezio during Spirits, I Maestri del Cocktail.

By September, Co.So will have a food lab inside the bar and the dishes will be respecting the seasonality of the ingredients. The concept of the maximum integration of food and drinks completely influence the life given to more creations and variations at Co.So. It’s a place where you can go in and understand the words relax and enjoy alongside some good drinks and food for an easy meal or aperitif.

Co.So Cocktails & Social

Via Braccio da Montone, 80
00176 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 4543 5428

Mobile: +39 393 658 3230

Open daily from 19:00 to 2:00 except Mondays