Centopercento Gusto in Rieti, Italy

Modern, innovative and stimulating, these are the three words that best describes Centopercento Gusto of Marco Pasquali. The restaurant enjoys a beautiful location right in the heart of the ancient walled city of Rieti. It faces Via Giuseppe Garibaldi and is just a few steps from Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. It also goes through a courtyard for outdoor seating in the warmer months that connects to Piazza San Rufo, a square at the center of Rieti that based on the Latin literature in the Renaissance period is considered as the geographical center of Italy and referred to as the Umbilicus Italiae.

The kitchen is of Centopercento Gusto is innovative which involves ingredients that embodies quality and seasonality. The dishes that reach out to a wider palate may have the tendency to be imaginative but they remain rooted to the traditional Italian recipes.With experience at two Michelin-starred La Trota Restaurant of the Servi brothers at Rivodutri, Marco wishes to convey a menu for his clients with cultivated palates who are looking for expressive flavors especially for the dinner patrons.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, cocktails until dinner (open all week except Sundays), catering to the different needs of their clients. Lunch is easier with special quick lunch menu packages. It’s a place where you can eat quickly and go but without overlooking the fundamental aspect of cooking which is the quality of the food that you are being served. Dinner instead is reserved for the ones who want to relax and enjoy good food, wine and service.

Like the culinary setup of the kitchen, the restaurant is set with contemporary style on the ancient stone walls of the hall, an agreeable incorporation of old and new elements.

Taking a step more, Centopercento Gusto also offers a pre-prepared box for making Spaghetti all’Amatriciana. Inside the box, you can find a pack of 500-gram dry spaghetti by Verrigni, 320-gram jar of amatriciana sauce prepared by them, 250 ml. bottle of extra virgin olive oil by Colle Solatio and a 250-gram wedge of Pecorino d’Ascenzo. The sauce is made respecting the genuine recipe of the town of Amatrice, where amatriciana was invented, and using only the guanciale from Amatrice itself.

Centopercento Gusto

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 272
02100 Rieti (RI), Italy
Tel: +39 0746 760480
Closed on Sundays