Limoncello Sorbet in Lemon Cups

If there is only one fruit flavor that I can choose, I would say lemon without batting an eye. It's a simple classic flavor that always pleases my taste buds, refreshes my mouth and reminds me wholly how summery it is. True, lemons are considered as summer fruit but actually they grow all-year-round. If not for the big old lemon tree that was outside my bedroom window years ago, I would have thought that lemons only fruit in the warm months. So consider this recipe perfect for any season and the ideal time to make it is when you get the craving for a good cup of lemon sorbet. And the best news is, you can also make it without an ice cream maker. 

Aside from the classic lemon sorbet and there is also the spiked one that you can make. Just a bit of limoncello and your lemon sorbet world will go around. It's a remarkable flavor that we, adults can indulge in. Limoncello is the celebrated lemon liqueur from the area of Sorrento in southern Italy. Just imagine how the flavors intertwine perfectly with each other. The fresh mint doesn't just function as a garnish because it leaves a pale trace of aroma in the sorbet. Using the fruit itself as the cup makes this a very pretty dessert to serve when you have guests.

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