La Locanda del Capitano Ristorante in Montone (Umbria), Italy

Forty kilometers north of Perugia and half the distance from the town of Umbertide, lies a beautiful small fortified medieval village called Montone. The quiet walled town is surrounded by oak and olive trees and a touch of Umbrian greenery. Stepping inside the walls is like a walk in the past as you maneuver your way through the narrow cobblestone roads in between the buildings of another era. The medieval atmosphere is an extraordinary feeling that this little town gives to every visitor who walks in.

Montone's history is attached to an important noble family called Fortebracci from the 13th century. The family's most famous member is Braccio, an Italian condottiero, who was the greatest captain during his time. In the heart of the town lies the historical house where Braccio Fortebracci and his family resided which is now converted to a small hotel with 10 rooms and a restaurant called La Locanda del Capitano which is guided by its new captain, Chef Giancarlo Polito.

Photo from the site of La Locanda del Capitano
La Locanda del Capitano is an exceptional restaurant guided by a fine chef. Even if the town is small, it has quite a number of places to dine in but La Locanda del Capitano stands out because it is housed in a  medieval building that has an important history etched on its walls. And as you pass its open wrought iron gate at dusk in summer, your eyes will travel around the whole veranda that's lighted with large candlelit lanterns, tables beautifully set with natural tones and wide outdoor umbrellas while the chef himself and his staff greet the diners hospitably.

Inside the building itself, the setting is reminiscent of an elegant dining area with a touch of warm atmosphere where there's a piano that the chef plays is set against a wall, paintings hanging on every wall and carpets that give accent to the rooms.

Chef Giancarlo's style of cooking is creative and contemporary but he still maintains the tradition of the Umbrian cuisine. There are dishes from the mountains and the sea, inspired with distinctive flavors from top quality ingredients. To accompany your dishes, there is a wide selection of very good wines from different Italian regions as well as international labels to choose from. After all, there are about 400 labels in the restaurant's cellar. If you are not sure about which wine to pair with your food, the staff can gladly help.

Insalatina di Astice con Frutti Esotici (Small Lobster Salad with Exotic Fruits)
Photo from the site of La Locanda del Capitano
Il Mio Pazzo Cappuccino (My Crazy Cappuccino) is quite a surprising savory starter and don't leave without trying his Ravioli all'Arancia con Ragù d'Anatra (Ravioli with Orange and Rabbit Ragù) because it's outstanding! For something sweet to end your meal, the Trilogie di 3 Cioccolati (Trilogy of 3 Chocolates) is quite a treat to the taste buds. 

(Note: Having dined in a candlelit terrace, the food pictures came out with unpleasant shadows. Shown here are 3 pictures I managed to salvage while the rest came from the restaurant's site.)

Photo from the site of La Locanda del Capitano
Photo from the site of La Locanda del Capitano
Ravioli all'Arancia con Ragù d'Anatra (Ravioli with Orange and Rabbit Ragù)
Montone is a very charming fortified medieval town in Umbria that can never disappoint any of its visitors. It has that special ambience that anyone who loves history and culture can recognize the full worth of. Grasp the exceptional characteristics of Umbria with all your senses and for the gastronomic part, head to La Locanda del Capitano. My significant dining experience can be the same as yours too.

Trilogie di 3 Cioccolati (Trilogy of 3 Chocolates)
My cuisine is creative but simple, a style of cooking that is contemporary whilst respecting tradition.
Photo from the site of La Locanda del Capitano

La Locanda del Capitano

Via Roma, 7
06014 Montone, Italy
Tel: +39 075 9306521 / +39 075 9306455
Fax: +39 075 9043022

The restaurant is open everyday except Mondays for dinner only. Lunch is also served only on Saturdays, Sundays and special holidays.

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