Corn Salad

My refusal to cook dishes that require long processes of cooking in summer is met my questioning looks by my small daughter. When I tell her that it's too hot to stay in front of the stove and oven, comprehension registers in her face because she feels the heat herself but the child in her wants to complain anyway. With grilled corn on the cob as one of her favorite food (which she loves getting at the beach), we arrive at a compromise. She can have the corn on the cob at home if she will eat it boiled instead of grilled, then I can face the heat of the stove for her. Fortunately, she likes it boiled too.

After setting aside one plain boiled corn on the cob for my daughter, the rest are destined to be main ingredients for this delicious salad. This salad is absolutely healthy and very easy to prepare. Just face the heat for about fifteen minutes (or until it becomes tender) to boil the corn then you can start cooling yourself down again. Slice away the corn from the cob then mix them with the finely-chopped vegetables, season, then you are ready to eat. You are using fresh ingredients that are perfect for summer eating. You can pair it with other dishes or eat it as is. Both ways, this salad recipe is a classic that you can always use. 

For the full recipe, you can get it at Skinny Ms., a site dedicated to healthy living. You can check my Profile Page there for more skinny recipes.

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