Skillet Lasagna Rolls

We have the hope to serve only the best to our family, especially when we are the ones behind the kitchen counter tossing and cooking our dinner. The only thing is, do we have the time and energy to whip up everything after a whirlwind of chores and work? Most of the time, we don't. On those tired days, we can still put together something great in the kitchen that the family will definitely love. And guess what? It's one of those dishes where we use only one pan. Just grab your ingredients before heading home and give it half an hour from start to finish.

Lasagna is one of the favorite dishes of kids and adults. It has a classic taste that goes well with everyone's tastebuds, even the picky-eaters but to make one from scratch involves too much work, time and ahem, pans! That's because you make three main parts from scratch which are the lasagna sheets, ragù meat sauce and the bechàmel sauce. This time, we make big shortcuts by using premade ingredients. Just buy the good ones with the best quality because the better the ingredients are, then the better the lasagna rolls will come out. Since you are not making them from scratch, be mindful of what the ingredients are.

This is a very simple recipe to keep in mind for those time-constrained days. And it can also become a classic in your own home that everyone will definitely love. For the full recipe of this Skillet Lasagna Rolls, you can get it at She Knows, a site where I create recipes.  For more of my recipes there, you can click on my Profile Page

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