Creamy Barley with Chorizo and Roasted Peppers

When I feel like cooking some risotto and I suddenly find my rice supply in the cupboard empty, I don't really worry because there is another ingredient that I love that can replace the rice. I can make orzotto instead. Orzotto is like risotto but instead of rice, barley is used. Riso is the Italian word for rice while orzo is the Italian word for barley. They are cooked in the same way but of course, barley and rice are totally different things in the palate. Barley is nutty and gives a chewy consistency while rice is softer and has a milder taste. 

I love both grains but sometimes, barley can make some dishes extra special like this one. With chorizo, roasted peppers, chickpeas, and rosemary, I always prefer barley because the flavors merge well. The flavors marry well with the nuttiness of the barley. Period. And guess what? Barley is very healthy because it is high in fiber, manganese, niacin, selenium and a whole load of vitamins and minerals. And to even celebrate this grain more, it helps prevent cancers and heart diseases if eaten regularly. This gives us a very good reason to include barley to our regular diet. With the right ingredients to cook it with, we can create some incredible dishes for the whole family.

I usually have a pack of barley in my cupboard because I like including it in my regular cooking. It is also great to add to a bowl of minestrone instead of pasta or rice. For me, it makes the soup fuller and rounder in taste. You can make cold barley salads too in summer. It's quite a flexible grain to use in home cooking and we should make a place for it in our regular cooking. 

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