Homemade Rice Milk with Mango and Pink Guava Ice Cubes

Colors never fail to attract the attention of kids. As brighter they are, the more they are magnetized to them, whatever they are. Even ice cubes. When I started making colored ice cubes made of natural fruit juices, I suddenly had my picky-eating daughter in front of me shyly asking me what they were and speaking about everything except going straight to the point - she wants to try them! Little did she know that I actually made the fruit juice ice cubes for her because she's quite a little picky-eater. She mainly drinks water which is incredible, soda whenever she sees a bottle around and just a limited number of fruits. I wanted her to explore more the wonderful world of fruits and so these ice cubes were born.

I rarely buy juice because we prefer ice cold tea at home especially in summer. In the right seasons, I use fresh oranges, calamondin lemons (or calamansi), strawberries, cantaloupes, bananas, berries, mangoes and some other fruits for natural drinks. But I do buy cartons of pink guava juice when I happen to be in the supermarket where I can get them. They go down fast in our house whenever we have the stock. It's not a local fruit so I have no possibility to buy the fresh fruit and juice on my own.

When I was growing up in the Philippines, we used to have a couple of guava trees, a dwarf and a regular one. My snacks would mean hanging or sitting on the branches of both trees while I eat the fruit. The dwarf guava tree had small fruit with pinkish pulp while the regular guava tree, a much taller one with big branches, yielded big guavas, like the size of oranges, with white pulp. Guava is a very healthy fruit and it has a delicious and peculiar flavor. As a child, I loved eating them as is or chopping them up for a simple salad with vinaigrette. This time, I am enjoying a different cultivar with more prominent flavor. As a cold drink, it's absolutely delicious. 

I have written about mangoes in my past posts. It is for me, the best fruit that exists, especially the carabao cultivar in the Philippines. In fact, knowing how crazy I am about them, my sister already ordered a big basket of fresh carabao mangoes in time when I visit.

Mangoes and guavas are both tropical fruits and mixing them in one drink is quite a delicious exotic taste. Being mild in flavor, the rice milk, also something from that part, blends perfectly well with both fruits. This is a healthy drink that kids would definitely love. And if you feel like going for other flavors and colors, change the fruit juices and be creative in combining them. It's a fun cold summer drink for the kids!

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