Double Chocolate Cheesecake with Berries in a Jar

We have been staying outdoors the past days. The days are longer, the temperature is pleasantly warm with a cool breeze and the sun has been been shining so beautifully. This is the reason why I love spring so much. It's the best period to stay outside, work in the garden (when I am able to detach myself from the kitchen and computer), start eating outside and watch the kids and dog enjoy nature. Right now, both kids are sitting on the apricot tree and enjoying their elevated position while our dog is relaxing at the foot of the tree. Sure, my laundry loads grow along with the warmth of the temperature because the kids stay outdoors with newer games that make them dirtier and dirtier. But I think the kids don't stay like that for a long time. 

This is also the period when we eat outside more often. We dust our wooden table and chairs, our barbecue grill. Our grass is usually freshly mown when spring begins and the wild daisies and poppies start dotting the grass with beautiful colors. We also take more day trips during this season and try to have more picnics than eating in restaurants. The kids and dog are happier this way. They are those moments that permit us to do fun things together as a family.

When we have picnics, I can be elaborate sometimes (when I have the time to prepare) or we just simply pass by the bread and deli shop and order our own sandwiches, sliced pizzas and little cakes. It's usually simpler like that because the food is easier to handle and we don't need anything utensils for eating. When I have the time, I sometimes prepare pasta salads and fruit salads for dessert. Now that the jarred food is becoming more common to take around, I am starting to resort to them too. They are convenient to take around and keeps everything sealed from the time I prepare them the night before. I keep the salads and desserts in them.

One of my favorite dessert jar recipes is this Double Chocolate Cheesecake with Berries in a Jar. It is so intensely chocolaty while the fresh berries cut it down a bit. Berries and chocolates have always been perfect for each other and this dessert is a delicious proof that they really do. I am sharing this recipe at She Knows so please hop on there to get the complete recipe. If you like my stuff, please have a look at my Profile Page there and browse my recipes at She Knows. Thanks and enjoy your weekend!

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