Dark Chocolate Molten Cake with Raspberry Mint Sauce

When I finally closed the third suitcase's zipper at almost 3 in the morning, I was almost passing out from tiredness but it was quickly overshadowed by my jubilation that finally, after weeks of filling up the suitcases, I have officially finished packing for our upcoming trip to the Philippines. It had been a job that I had been dreading (who can possibly like packing?) but I couldn't avoid no matter what. With a family of 4, a month and a half of hopping from one hotel to another, you can imagine what a predicament it will be for the clothes (and unimaginable hotel laundry bills). The only great thing about it is that it's summer so the clothes are light and smaller.

After I finally concluded my big job, I had to sit down in the kitchen in the silence of the house. With the kids, husband and dog sleeping, I took out a treat from the fridge. I know it's bad but I needed to pamper myself for just a few minutes. I took out one of the unbaked molten cakes that I was keeping in the fridge. I usually prepare them in the night before lunch when I am planning to serve them. They can be quickly popped in the oven for a quarter of an hour and these little chocolate heavens are ready. Their centers should remain liquid so they can only be baked right before eating. 

If you are planning to eat them for lunch, you can already prepare them in the ramekins the night before. The raspberry mint sauce can also be prepared the night before then just reheat it before serving. I find it very hard to eat dark chocolate and raspberry combinations in moderation so I usually just stay away from them. But for this dark chocolate molten cake (oh my!), I will make an exception sometimes. After all, we need that indulgence sometimes. 

Ready to make your own Dark Chocolate Molten Cake with Raspberry Mint Sauce? You can get my full recipe with step-by-step photos to guide you at She Knows. Indulge on a rich dark chocolate dessert and stay happy! If you like this recipe, you might want to check out my Profile Page there too and browse through the recipes that I created for them. Buon appetito!

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