Zabaione With Coffee and Chocolate

Just gathering the ingredients of the zabaione alone already gave me the boost I've been looking for. Eggs, Marsala, espresso, sugar, chocolates. Now who wouldn't be energized with all that? The classic zabaione is already a source of energy and adding my two favorite flavors, espresso and chocolates is another thing. And of course, sitting down and actually enjoying it is the big booster of flavors and energy! Did I just say energy again?

With two kids who can put Duracell batteries to a shame every single day, I think I need a daily dose of this on top of my espresso intake. This week had been noisy and clamorous in my house with both kids home because one has throat ache with fever and the other one has a case of "me-too-I'm-sick-&-I-don't-want-to-go-to-school" fever. Putting them together under one roof the whole day in a succession of days is a definite way of nailing my days to refereeing two kids from shrieking, whining and crying. When this happens, I send both kids to both ends of the house with me in the middle of both. One in the sitting room with his choice of cartoons & National Geographic programs (Thank God he's discovering it now!) and other one in the playroom with her choice of cartoons too and her kitchen toys. She keeps me busy and "fat" eating her food creations all day. It's good those things don't come with calories!

Ok, maybe there are more calories than you want in this little bomb of dessert but I am telling you (and my husband can tell you too) that this had been one enjoyable and tasty dessert. I hope you enjoy it!
You can get the recipe at She Knows by clicking on this link. If you want to see the other recipes I have developed for them, click on this other link too. Buon appetito and enjoy your weekend!

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