Chocolate, Ricotta and Pear Hand Pies

If you see my house now, you will wonder what's going on. Clothes have been going in and out of the washing machine continuously, ironing seems like my chosen marathon activity and it seems like I am running a restaurant with all the cooking that I have plunged myself into and of course there is the part of photographing all of the dishes. This is the time when I wish I had a wonder twin.

This is also the time that I thought will never arrive. When I placed the countdown banner ad for the International Wine Tourism Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia (on your right side) in my blog months ago, the number I saw was close to a hundred. It was still a LONG way to go. The time finally arrived and I am cramming as always. I am leaving in 3 days (our activities start before the conference and continue after that) and will be gone for 10 days. 

This will be the longest period that I will be away from my kids and my husband is being a big sport in taking care of them the whole time I am gone. So here I am preparing some food to freeze (even if they plan to do a lot of pizza parties while I am gone), washing and ironing all the clothes to keep them supplied with clean clothes and cooking & photographing the recipes that are due soon because I won't be working on any recipes while I am gone. 

I'll be working instead, in showing you the beautiful country of Georgia. I've never been there and not so many people have been there too so I think that it's the perfect chance to have a good look at it. With the support of Georgia itself, I'm going to be with a media group to promote the country while we drink their wines, eat their local food, understand the culture and photograph the sites. So sit back, relax and check out the pictures that I will posting in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. I'm a big user of Google+ and Facebook so if you haven't followed me yet there, maybe you would like to. And hopefully, I will be able to compose something to post here while I am in Georgia.

Ok, since I always leave the trail of what I am supposed to discuss, let me pull myself together and take you these wonderful hand pies filled with chocolate, ricotta and pears. It's very simple to make if you opt for pre-made puff pastries and it's a definite winner with both adults and children. It's also a good idea to take with you to picnics. Seeing that spring has finally arrived, it's the perfect moment to prepare them. I made these for She Knows,  a site about food, travel and a lot of other interesting topics. To get the recipe, please click on this link. If you would like to see my other recipes in their site, click on my profile page at this link.

Thanks and enjoy your weekend!

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