Caramelized Sweet Potato Skewers (Camote Cue)

Snacks are like meals in the Philippines. The food is not as heavy but the importance of having a pause from whatever you are doing and heading to where the food is, is a part of a daily routine. I lived through those mid-meal meals and enjoyed them better than the real meals themselves because I got to eat a little of different things whether they are sweet or savory. The only problem that kept on arising was that my lunches and dinners suffered. I didn't know the word moderation when I was young. I ate more snack foods than meal foods.

Living in Italy changed a lot of things in my diet, also the number of meals/snacks I had in a day. I almost immediately shed off the snacks and went for real food during mealtimes. Now, after fifteen years here, I don't look for it anymore even if I prepare my kids' snacks everyday. They eat, I watch.

But when I had to cook for She Knows these caramelized sweet potato skewers (locally called Camote Cue in the Philippines), memories of daily snacks plagued my mind. I made them in the afternoon in time for the afternoon break when my house gets filled up again with everyone coming in from the school and office. These skewers are best enjoyed when they are still warm (not straight from cooking or they will burn!). 

Sweet potatoes have a mild flavor and coating them with hot melted sugar is absolutely delicious!  You can get the recipe at She Knows by clicking on this link. If you want to see the other recipes I created for them, click on this other link. Thanks and enjoy your weekend!

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