Healthy Baked Pasta-Crusted Chicken Nuggets

I have been battling my kids' non-negotiable decisions to be fed with the Golden Arches' chicken nuggets whenever we are within a 100-meter radius. I often wish I can shoo away the odors emanating from its kitchen when we are still a good distance away. My husband and I count 1-2-3 silently as soon as we smell something and like clockwork, the excited squeals of excitement erupt from the backseat. I have tried bribing them with everything imaginable to make them change their minds. Nothing.

Colorful carton boxes with packed goodies of nuggets, a wedge of Parmigiano Reggiano (the only good thing about it!) barbecue sauce and of course, the toys, win. They even ask for an extra order of nuggets to complete their meal. Sigh. They know that when I start opening my mouth that it is going to be a litany about healthy eating and I am sure they roll their eyes behind my back. But I make sure that I tell them that I eat burgers there when a big craving arrives. I'm only human. I, too, cannot shun burger joints from my life. 

In my kitchen, I always try to find ways to compete with their beloved nuggets up to the point of giving better toys. This one worked because they were curious about the crunch of the pasta that covered the nuggets and it was tastier too because of the prosciutto that I mixed with the chicken. One great thing about them - they are not deep fried. They are baked! 

You will have to click on this link to get the recipe at SheKnows. It's another site where I develop recipes. Whereas with this link, you will see my profile page where all the recipes I created for them are listed. 

I hope your kids will like these nuggets too!  Enjoy!