Chicken Potato Salad

I love chicken and potatoes! Don't you? There are a myriad ways to enjoy them and here's an idea from my very own kitchen! It came from my Mom's kitchen which I adopted in my own and which I have since, changed to something tastier. I also tried adding some fresh mint leaves which came out differently. I would say, it gave it a nice edge. Plus the kitchen smells more homey with the permeating odor of grilled chicken. Yum!

This chicken and potato salad recipe is at SheKnows where I develop recipes and write aside from my blog. 

Speaking of writing, these past days had been wonderful for me because my first travel articles have recently been published in two sites, She Knows which is A Culinary Adventure of Truffle Hunting in Alba, Italy and A Luxury Travel Blog which enumerates 5 Alpine Towns to See in South Tyrol, Italy. Please do check them out as I would love to know what you think! A big thank you!