Chorizo Rice With Tomatoes

Chorizo. One of the greatest gastronomic contributions of Spain to the culinary world and one of my most preferred ingredients in cooking. Whatever I create in cooking around this Iberian pork sausage comes out bursting with flavor with a strong hint of smoked paprika, another Spanish flavor I absolutely love.  One bite encompasses you with the real essence of Spain. And guess what? It's also one of my favorite cuisines!

Here is a product of having leftover cooked rice.  Not wanting to go for my usual Asian or Italian twists, I opted this time for something simple, quick, easy and delightfully Spanish. The Philippine cuisine has a strong culinary influence from Spain, having been occupied for 300 years. With that long period, the invading kitchen merged with the local one and out came a multitude of wonderful blends of flavors. Chorizo and paprika are popularly used in the Philippines for this reason.

You will find my recipe for this very tasty rice dish at, a website that focuses on female lifestyle, where I frequently write. Click on this link to get this recipe. If you want to see my other creations, please click on this link to take you to my profile page.  

Thank you and enjoy your day!