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17 May 2013

Tartiflette: French Potato, Onion & Cheese Gratin

It was in Chamonix, France where I had my first tartiflette. It was in the middle of summer and the town was full of tourists.  Yes, I noticed the beauty of Mont Blanc but when you are walking in the middle of a big crowded town with a large dog taking you for a walk and lunch time is ticking away fast, the only thought I had at that moment was where to eat.  After our futile search for a place to sit down & eat, my husband and I eventually gave up and moved away from the town.  There, just about a kilometer or 2 away, we found the perfect open-air spot.  Our dog found his spot too under the shade of a tree while I ordered my very first tartiflette, the specialty of the region.  

It's actually a winter dish but they were still serving it.  It's a good thing they did because I loved it immediately after the first forkful I had.  Imagine potatoes, onions, lardons (French bacon) & reblochon cheese baked together in one rich dish.  It was marvelous!  And that taste from years ago remained in my mouth.  It's a very easy recipe but you will just be needing the right cheese to go with it which is the reblochon.  If you cannot find it, I guess brie or camembert, which are much easier to find, can be good alternatives.  

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