Mini Cheddar Balls With Smoked Paprika and Chives

One of the cheeses I grew up with is cheddar cheese.  Commercially produced, always available and the taste is always reliably good.  It was actually one of the few I chose to snack on when I was young.  While in a delicatessen in Rome, I chanced upon two kinds of cheddar cheese from England.  I have always wanted to try the real thing but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.  It's close to impossible to find it in Italy.  I bought both kinds.  One orangey and one pale yellow.  The paler one was more aged than the orangey one which by the way, got its color from beta-carotene, a natural content of milk when the cows are pasture-fed with fresh grass in spring.  It's the same natural pigment that gives the orange color of carrots. 

My son didn't give me a chance to include the pale cheddar to a recipe I was thinking of doing because he practically wiped it out all by himself.   It was delicious!  I used the orange one to make these balls or spread.  I simply mixed it with cream cheese and smoked paprika (sweet paprika gives a different result) and another batch with piment d'Espelette (Espelette pepper from France).  Both were great but the smoked paprika gave it an excellent blend.  I loved it until the end.  Rolling them to mini balls and tying them with fresh chive each made it a beautiful appetizer.  If you are in a rush, just quickly spread it on a piece of cracker or toasted bread then you are ready to serve!   

Buon appetito!

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Coming up next will be my special post about the Food and Wine of the Langhe and Roero Hills of Piedmont in Italy.