Ristorante Da Gregorio Near Orvieto: A Family's Answer to a Modest Genuine Umbrian Cuisine

Tucked in the countryside in Morrano Nuovo, about 10 kilometers from Orvieto, Da Gregorio stands as a timeless testament to classic Italian hospitality. Established in 1985, this family-run restaurant greets visitors with its charming modest trattoria façade, a style that extends into its warm and inviting interior. The dining room offers stunning views of the Umbrian countryside with one side opening to glass doors showcasing the picturesque view of the countryside and the family's olive grove.

What was started by Fausto Fontanieri and his wife Francesca Tiddia using the treasured old recipes of their grandmother, the Fontanieri family's restaurant blossomed into a destination restaurant in the territory including a well-deserved prestigious "Bib Gourmand" accolade from the Michelin Guide in 2020, recognizing its exceptional quality and value for money. Their children, Giulia and Davide have also joined the activity taking care of the dining room along with their father. Being a sommelier, Davide curates the wine list, ensuring a meticulous selection of wine labels and impeccable pairings that highlight the excellent flavors of the dishes. Joining Francesca in the kitchen are her son-in-law, Matteo Mazzo and Marco Carboni.

The heart of Da Gregorio is the enduring legacy of the Fontanieri family's grandmother, whose treasured recipes are expertly and lovingly brought to life by Francesca. By blending traditional recipes with modern culinary techniques, the kitchen highlights the flavors while preserving their authenticity. The use of local ingredients and seasonal vegetables from their own garden enhances the dishes' genuine quality and exceptional taste.

The Menu

Every dish at Da Gregorio is recommendable, and being seasonal, some of the proposals change according to the available ingredients. For starters (€10.50 to €17), do try the tortino of seasonal vegetables, selection of artisan cured meats, cheeses from raw milk mountain cheeses and the dish from the daily harvest from their vegetable garden. The pasta dishes (€14 to €16.50) can be from traditional dishes such as their mainstay pappardella with wild boar ragù that never left their menu from 1985 to tagliatelle with courtyard meat (a mix of duck, guinea fowl and pigeon) ragù with black olive powder and orange zest, to more diverse dishes. 

The main course (€16 to €19), composed mainly of different kinds of meat, can be simply grilled or cooked on the pan or in the oven with particular combinations like the marinated guinea fowl with almond salt then cooked "alla cacciatora" with fermented lemon. Desserts (€8) are definitely not to be missed because Francesca actually specializes in desserts and she creates absolutely delightfully original offerings to end to the meal. Desserts such as pannacotta with elixir of Zibbibo grapes and oregano salt, budino (pudding) with caramel and extract of chicory roots, or millefoglie with everlasting flower cream and licorice powder are absolutely heavenly.

However remote the location of Da Gregorio is, the journey is undeniably worthwhile, offering an immersive experience into the rich traditions and refined cuisine of the area by the Fontanieri family.

Ristorante Da Gregorio

Address: SP101, 136/137, 05018 Morrano Nuovo (TR), Italy
Tel: +39 0763 215011
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RistoranteDaGregorio