Cimarra 4: Gluten-Free Roman Pizza and Cocktails in the Heart of Monti in Rome

Cimarra 4 is not just a pizzeria, it is a place that redefines inclusivity to the food and drinks that they offer. Founded by Mathew Myladoor and and his father-in-law, Renato Strazzeri, this establishment is more than a neighborhood pizzeria, it is a heartfelt gesture of love and dedication to inclusive dining. Situated on Via Cimarra, between Piazza della Madonna dei Monti and Via Panisperna, Cimarra 4 combines the rich traditions of Roman pizza with a modern twist, offering a comprehensive menu that caters to those with food restrictions.

The Story Behind Cimarra 4

Mathew Myladoor is of Indian descent and his journey in the culinary world began with his father’s Indian restaurant, The Guru, in Rome. His father’s migration from his homeland and subsequent establishment of a popular restaurant for more than thirty years laid the foundation for Mathew’s passion for catering which he eventually took the reins of in the latter years until its closure in 2020.

"Catering is in my blood. My father came here from India and, although they were neighbors there, it was here in San Pietro that he met my mother, and they got married, to then open the Indian cuisine restaurant The Guru, where I took my first steps, and where I returned," says Mathew.

It was at The Guru that Mathew met Martina, daughter of Renato Strazzeri and fell in love with who later on, got married. Martina’s celiac condition inspired Mathew and Renato to delve deep into gluten-free culinary practices, which ultimately shaped the vision for Cimarra 4.

Renato, a veteran baker since 1975, had already started experimenting with gluten-free recipes due to his daughter Martina and his wife’s sister’s celiac conditions. This personal challenge turned into a professional pursuit to create gluten-free dishes that didn’t compromise on taste. 

The Pizzeria

Opened in August of 2021, Cimarra 4 patrons are greeted by a large bar counter that sets the tone for the vibrant atmosphere. The pizzeria features two main rooms—one intimate and the other more spacious, both adorned with handcrafted tables and whimsical LED signs like "Pizza Pizza Pizza" and playful murals. The walls showcase paintings by Mathew’s brother, Robert Myladoor, created using the quadrilateral technique, which vividly depict the essence of pizzeria conviviality.

Cimarra 4 is not just a dining destination but a community hub in Monti. It offers a youthful environment where everyone can enjoy a meal, regardless of dietary restrictions. Mathew and Renato’s vision of a pizzeria that feels like home has resonated with locals and visitors alike, making Cimarra 4 a beloved spot in the heart of Rome.

Commitment to Safety

Cimarra 4’s commitment to culinary inclusivity is evident in its meticulously designed kitchen setup. The restaurant has separate kitchens and ovens for gluten-free and conventional pizzas to prevent cross-contamination. To further ensure that particles of flour are absent in the air, the doughs made of 0 and 00 flours and leavened for a minimum of 48 hours, are only transported appropriately packaged to the pizzeria's kitchen after they have been worked on in the bakery in another structure. The downstairs gluten-free kitchen uses a mixture of rice flour, cornstarch and deglutinized flour, with doughs leavened for 48 hours and rolled out with a rolling pin to ensure perfect texture and flavor. This extreme dedication extends to a fully safe gluten-free and lactose-free starter menu, a rarity in most pizzerias.

The Menu

The pizza menu (between €7.50 to €16) includes the classic and tasty variations such as the one with baked potatoes, patanegra lard and honey, the "Indiavolata" and the round one which takes its name from the restaurant, the "Cimarra 4", red, with (or without ) mozzarella, tuna sauce and red and yellow datterini tomatoes, and all the new features of each season. The pizza selections are the same for gluten-free and regular with just an additional charge of €0.50 for the gluten-free. 

If pizza is not in your mind, gluten-free pasta dishes (between €9 to €17) are also available with Roman classics. The line of desserts (between €5 to €10), also strictly gluten-free, cannot be missed, from the classic tiramisu to the salted caramel one, cheesecake and plated profiteroles. The menu is accompanied by a rich beverage offer, with drinks, alcohol-free spirits, zero alcohol craft beers, and those of Baladin, including the Nazionale, gluten-free beer. 

Cimarra 4

Address: Via Cimarra 4, 00184 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06 45777297