Hotel Raito and Paradiso Relais: A Luxurious Gateway to the Amalfi Coast

Italy is home to many beautiful locations, and the Amalfi Coast is one of the most renowned all over the world. Just south of Naples in the Campania region, its landscape of mountainous coastline and the blue Tyrrhenian Sea is breathtaking. Easily accessible by car or public transport (train from Florence or Rome to Salerno station), the Amalfi Coast is best experienced via the SS 163, a famous 50-kilometer road, built in 1850 that winds through towns like Positano, Amalfi, and Vietri Sul Mare, offering thrilling hairpin bends and spectacular sea views.

A gateway to the Amalfi Coast is Vietri Sul Mare, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which provides stunning views of the Gulf of Salerno and the coastline of Cilento beyond. And in this very town, two of the best places to enjoy this splendor are the five-star luxury hotels of the Ragosta Hotel Collection Group, Relais Paradiso and Hotel Raito.

Hotel Raito

Perched above the azure waters of the Amalfi Coast, nestled among fragrant citrus groves and iconic terraced landscapes, Hotel Raito once again opened its doors in welcoming guests for the warm season. This year marks the beginning of a long and vibrant season stretching until November, offering a perfect summer retreat for splendid vacations or rejuvenating breaks. Its location in Vietri sul Mare in proximity to Salerno, Hotel Raito has long been a favored destination for travelers seeking to explore the towns of the panoramic coast or simply unwinding in the luxurious multi-level setting. The hotel has 76 elegantly-designed rooms and suites spread out in various levels, each adorned with the famous ceramics of Vietri sul Mare and featuring panoramic terraces or private balconies overlooking the stunning coastline at 180 degrees. 

A luxury landmark of Vietri sul Mare, it also starts this year's season with a new management of its spa and wellness program by the well-established Caschera group which has already been successfully managing the RHC Group's Roman counterpart, Palazzo Montemartini. Spanning 300 square meters of indoor space and an additional 300 square meters of solarium with stunning sea views, Hotel Raito features a heated indoor swimming pool, hot tub hydromassage, sauna, Turkish bath, a relaxation area with herbal tea room, and massage rooms. This comprehensive wellness facility promises an atmosphere of absolute relaxation, making it an ideal sanctuary for physical and mental well-being.

Dining options include Il Golfo restaurant, providing breathtaking views of Vietri sul Mare, and the Grill, situated next to the swimming pools. Both venues, directed by Executive Chef Francesco Russo, masterfully incorporates local ingredients and traditional recipes into his creations highlighting the Mediterranean flavors with remarkable authenticity. Il Golfo offers a gourmet experience inspired by the splendid natural features of the territory from the land and the sea. His culinary philosophy emphasizes fresh, high-quality ingredients, including produce from the hotel’s organic garden that he personally tends. Not just a talented chef, he is also the creative force behind the food-themed art adorning the kitchen gallery.

Barman Francesco Imparato

The menu epitomizes decisive local flavors with dishes like the savory sfogliatella (shell-shaped puff pastry) filled with aubergine parmigiana on Luciana-style musky octopus rag├╣, the candele pasta with octopus Genovese sauce, and the pasta alla Nerano. Desserts by Pastry Chef Alfonso Contaldo like his delizia al limoncello, caprese cake and, ricotta and pear spectacularly concludes the meals. Accompany the meals with local wines of the region or special cocktails like the refreshing limoncello spritz prepared by barman Francesco Imparato and the rest of the team.

Executive Chef Francesco Russo

At Hotel Raito, guest needs are paramount, making it a true destination for relaxation. Hotel Director Massimiliano Longhitano and his staff like Front Office Manager Luigi Vergati take pride in creating a welcoming environment where every guest feels at home. The multi-lingual Guest Experience Assistance team goes above and beyond to meet the special needs of each guest, ensuring a memorable stay.

Paradiso Relais

Located just a kilometer from Hotel Raito is Relais Paradiso, a more intimate holiday place on the Amalfi Coast. The boutique hotel features 22 rooms and suites, each equipped with panoramic terraces overlooking the Gulf of Salerno and the breathtaking landscapes of the Amalfi Coast. It is a haven of contemporary design immersed within the lush natural surroundings of the Amalfi Coast. Some suites even boast private jacuzzis on the terrace which are designed for the guests' private relaxation. Outside the suites, there is a range of luxurious amenities, including a spacious rooftop terrace with an outdoor swimming pool and solarium, a lounge bar, and a restaurant. The guests of Relais Paradiso can also take advantage of the services at the nearby Hotel Raito, including the Caschera Spa for unparalleled wellness experiences.

Relais Paradiso's restaurant is at the helm of a young chef, Andrea Apuzzo who works under the guidance of Hotel Raito's Executive Chef, Francesco Russo. Chef Apuzzo showcases the finest local cuisine, bringing the best of the region to the table with his modern definitions. He plays with surprising combinations that underline contrasts like the: lemon pan brioche with marinated mackerel, anchovy sauce and oat milk; the cold spaghettone with rocket cream, raw lobster and salad of green apple and saffron; and the chicken alla Kiev filled with red shrimp, sour butter and fish brown stock.

"Paradiso Relais is a little jewel of our group, where guests really feel at home but with dedicated services," says Giuseppe Marchese, CEO of RHC Group. "The villa, together with the more famous Hotel Raito, a short distance away, represents a point of reference away from the chaos, for a destination much loved by national and international tourism."

Sommelier Antonio Citarella, Hotel Director Massimiliano Longhitano and Chef Andrea Apuzzo

Luigi Del Forno's Ceramic Laboratory

A couple of kilometers down to Vietri sul Mare lies one of the town's most prominent ceramic laboratories, Vietri Art Works. Thanks to the courtesy of Hotel Raito, we had the opportunity to visit this private workshop, guided by their Front Office Manager and Guest Experience Assistance Officer. Behind a nondescript door, a vibrant world of ceramic art unfolds, led by master craftsman Luigi Del Forno, who has been perfecting his art for over three decades. He is joined by his wife, Marilena, and daughter Mara, who, together embody the craftsmanship and passion of Vietri sul Mare's ancient ceramic tradition, which dates back more than 800 years. At their laboratory, ceramic painting is strictly handmade, a laborious process requiring hours of dedication. The distinctive charm of hand-painted products lies in their imperfections, an inherent positive trait of true handcraftsmanship. You can easily spend hours watching the masters at work, observing their precise techniques, and learning about the rich history and intricate processes of ceramic art.

The Town of Vietri sul Mare

Vietri sul Mare is a small town known for its vibrant atmosphere, thanks to its main activity of ceramic making. The town is easily navigable, with narrow alleys adorned with ceramics. The main street, Via Umberto I, runs through the entire town and is lined with ceramic shops showcasing vibrantly colored ceramics, as well as restaurants. The highest point and most iconic monument of Vietri sul Mare is the Cathedral, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, with its majestic majolica dome. Originally founded in the 10th century, the cathedral was destroyed by the Saracens and later rebuilt in the 17th century. It features a mix of Romanesque, Renaissance, and Baroque styles due to various remodeling efforts over the centuries.

Hotel Raito

Address: Via Nuova Raito 9, 84019 Vietri sul Mare (SA), Italy
Tel: +39 089 7634111

Paradiso Relais

Address: Via Nuova 10, 84019 Raito SA (Italy)
Tel: +39 089 7632301