The Tales of Summer and Tapas Inspired by Traveling the World at Nodo Cocktail Bar in Rome

Between summer tales and tapas inspired by traveling the world, Nodo has struck the right cord in celebrating the hottest season of the year with its proposals for summer drinks and little plates! Nodo is a cocktail bar in Piazza delle Coppelle where vibrance thrives with fresh and warm spirit among the people who visit the beautiful Roman square. Amongst the sprinkling of restaurants and bars in the in the centrally-located square, Nodo shares its space with tables accommodating about thirty in both its indoor and outdoor settings.

Behind Nodo are partners Raffaella Foglia, Gerardo and Ruggero Wolleb. Opened in July 2021, their idea was to enrich the beverage offerings at the historic center with products that have high quality and professionalism behind the mixology bar counter. The rooms are boldly styled with eye-catching colors and materials which were created by Veronica Pierdominici and Antonella Lattanzio while the striking floral black wallpaper, suspended gardens, ochre and turquoise velvet fabrics were created by floral designer Dylan Tripp.

The beverage proposals are entrusted to Maurizio Musu, a barman who trained around Europe and who knows Rome well. "My latest experiences have been in establishments that give the same attention to food & beverage such as Angelina, AlexanderPlatz and Reserva. So at Nodo I wanted to push this scheme, even if it was lightened, given that the food menu is made up of tapas," he says.

Summer Drinks

"The summer season heralds pleasant memories, emotions, perfumes and we have created fresh and aromatic cocktails," declares Maurizio, who with barman Leonardo Girini created the new cocktails. The drink list of Nodo is enriched with 8 new cocktails which are elegant and rich in nuances on the nose and on the palate they open up to typical summer flavors with the use of seasonal fruits. "We have left our drinks with intensity, strength and character but respecting the characteristic freshness of the summer," explains Maurizio.

The names of the 8 new cocktails (€14 to €16) are inspired by the literary world, cinema, TV and music: La Macchina del Vento (cordial of green apple/cucumber/ginger extract, roku gin, bergamot/mandarin soda, blackberry oil); Un Treno per Rapallo (prune liqueur, white wine with marjoram, mezcal, brine of Taggiasche olives); Il Sentiero delle Meraviglie (apricot/thyme/pink grapefruit chutney, Sicilian caper vodka, lemon juice, Italicus Rosolio of Bergamot); Un’Estate al Mare (cordial infused with pineapple/kiwi, pisco, pineapple soda); Sapore di Sale (Jim Beam with green tea/ginger, peach wine, salted water, Olive with Mediterranean perfume); Il Gatto con Gli Stivali (cordial of broccoli raab/chili pepper, tequila); Il Rifugio del Sognatore (cordial of while melon/aromas of Sardinia, Jenever gin, yuzu tonic water, white myrtle perfume); and Il Caso Schiavone (genepí, Cynar, agave syrup with black cardamom, lemon, profumo of ratafià).


The tapas menu has changed, wherein Chef Francesco Giovannelli has created the tasting menus influenced by travels composed of 4 tapas each. The Mediterraneo Degustation Menu (€25) with its fresh and unique flavors, Asia Degustation Menu (€28) with its ever-present spices, America Degustation Menu (€30) with its colorful and spicy specialities: these are the places that inspired the chef in creating the "Non Ordinary Tapas Journey" which are dedicated to the three tasting menus.

Nodo's food proposals for the summer season is also enhanced with new tapas around the world, such as Siviglia-Atene A/R, a gazpacho with Greek yogurt with peppers. Notes of the Orient are prominent in the Un Tuffo ad Hokkaido which are orange gyoza with prawns and vegetables, pak choi, teriyaki sauce reduction. The flavors change with Messico, Nuvole, Spiagge, a burrito with tuna, passion fruit and sweet chili sauce; the ceviche is the protagonist in the Viaggio in Peru and the pastrami sandwich in Il Giro del Mondo a New York.


Address: Piazza delle Coppelle 52, 00186 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 94376334 | +39 3491496140






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