Sperlonga in 24 Hours: Where to Drink, Eat, Stay and Shop

Sperlonga, a beautiful coastal town located in the region of Lazio in southern Italy, is known for its picturesque sandy beaches and historic ancient hilltop town overlooking stunning views of the spectacular coastline of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its position at the southern part of Lazio region and proximity to two large cities, Rome and Naples, it attracts tourists seeking refuge from the hectic rhythm of the urban life, as well as Europeans who live the idyllic tranquil Italian holiday. It is two hours away by car from both cities or one hour by train from both cities arriving at Fondi-Sperlonga station. The town features a scenic coastline with crystal-clear waters, small coves, and stunning cliffs. Sperlonga is also renowned for the Villa of Tiberius, an ancient Roman villa that now houses a museum showcasing archaeological artifacts. Additionaly, the name Sperlonga was derived from the Latin word “speluncae” which means cave and with that, the town is sprinkled with many natural grottoes along the coast. 

The Italian beachess are regularly checked for the quality of the waters and the environment and Sperlonga is always certified with the highest recognition, the Blue Flag (Bandiera Blu) by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), a non-profit and non-governmental organization existing in 77 member countries.

The typical old houses of Sperlonga are white-washed Mediterranean style structures, many of which have balconies and roof terraces that lend amazing views of the cliffs and the sea. The old town has a labyrinth of small walking alleys dotted with whitewashed houses that are converted to tiny shops, restaurants, bars and lodges swept by fresh sea breezes.

Get to know the town with this relaxing gastronomic theme that in 24 hours, you can have the best weekend holiday:

Bazzano Beach

On a strip of beach in front of the blue sea and fine light sand of Sperlonga where you can enjoy a pleasant day of relaxation kissed by the sun and varied gastronomic proposals of excellent quality, Bazzano Beach has twenty years of history. It was in 2003 when Renato Cardogna , then in his early twenties, decided to take a concession on a strip of beach in Sperlonga together with his parents and sister Serena. They created a food kiosk selling food express preparations such as sandwiches and salads, alongside the activity of renting sunbeds and umbrellas. The response from the public was immediately positive and his mother, Mamma Brunella enriched the offer with freshly-cooked hot first courses like homemade tonnarello with clams and mussels. When Renato saw the great reception of the new idea, he attended some cooking courses to improve the technique and expand the proposals. And this is how today Bazzano Beach, in addition to being a lively bathing establishment, also presents itself as a welcoming and characteristic beach restaurant.

The proposals of the kitchen are the result of Renato’s creativity with the support of his mother, executed by a team of young talents. The source of raw materials is well-chosen starting from the daily acquisition locally at Azienda Ittica Purificato of Formia, participation in fish auctions, and direct procurement like the anchovies of Terracina, a variety of blue fish such as mackerel, amberjack and the other marvels offered by the sea in the area. The vegetables are sourced from the Azienda Agricola Toscano, as well as the Mercato di Fondi, and for the herbs and spices at La Rocca di Sperlonga.

The menu proposals are renewed every morning, depending on the availability of the fresh catch alongside mainstay dishes. The appetizers (€10 to €16) are rich in flavors such as the sautéed mussels, a rich selection of raw seafood and typical specialties such as Sperlonga-style anchovy meatballs (ancient recipe that dates back to the local tradition). For the first courses (€18), there are fresh tuna amatriciana with crispy guanciale, a mainstay classic spaghetti with clams, and mezzo pacchero with tuna in Genovese-style. While the main courses (€20) have a classic proposal of fried calamari with crispy vegetables, tuna tataki covered with sesame seeds, or amberjack cooked at a low temperature with velvety zucchini. The wine list is mainly from Lazio, which parallels the territorial philosophy of the kitchen up to the most important references from different Italian regions, as well as France.

Bazzano Beach is located in the locality of Bazzano (from which they got the name), in a hidden and reserved oasis beyond the promontory of Ciannito, open from March until late autumn. To arrive to them, you can leave your car for a fee at the Valle dei Corsari Car Park and from there you can get a free shuttle to reach the area of the beach. From there, you can walk through the shoreline to reach them, a white wooden structure on stilts with two verandas that can accommodate 70.

Bazzano Beach
Address: Via Flacca, Km 17. 100, 04029 Sperlonga (LT), Italy
Tel: +39 333 5691181 
Website: https://www.bazzanobeach.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bazzanobeach
Open all day until aperitif

Mudejar Spiriti & Cucina

Walk along Corso San Leone, the main pedestrian road of Sperlonga and be treated with a convivial marine atmosphere where the restaurant tables are dimly lit with lamps and a mesmerizing view of the sea, cliffs and the shoreline of Sperlonga. In the midst of these neat rows of tables lies Mudejar Spiriti & Cucina, a restaurant housed at Hotel Corallo. Shelves of gastronomy books and wood colored with the hues of the sea of refreshing turquoise and blue capture you with the elegant ambience that proprietor Andrea Luciani wants to convey as his welcome to his clients. Already for years, he has conquered the tastes of his clients with the decisive and familiar flavors of his restaurant’s kitchen, creative, yet reminiscent of perfumes of the old marine recipes of grandmothers. In the kitchen are four young chefs: Antonio Lucarelli, Famara N’Fadera, Drissa Keita and Francis Vitolo, who all embrace the philosophy that Andrea has instilled for years in his restaurant attained by modern techniques without abandoning the fundamental aspect of traditional tastes and raw materials of excellent quality.

The menu has very interesting seafood entries that show the creativity of the chefs starting from the appetizers (€14 to €25) such as the Red Tuna Tartare with Mangoes and Red Onions of Tropea; Barbecued Octopus with Lentils and Chicory; or the Red Raw Shrimp of Mazara, Provola Cheese of Agerola, Lemon and Essence of Shrimp. With the fist course of pasta and risotto (€13 to €25), there are Spaghetti Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino with Umami and Red Shrimp; Tortello Filled with Carbonara, Asparagus, Sea Urchin and Coffee Powder. As for the main course (€19 to €25), there are Roasted Red Tuna with Vegetables, Mayo with Capers and Oranges; or Turbot Rolls Filled with Gaeta Olives, Capers, Sundried Tomatoes, Cream of Smoked Provola Cheese, Anchovies and Zucchini Blossoms. The wine list is also rich with proposals from the territory and the rest of Italy, perfect accompaniment to the dishes of the chefs.

Mudejar Spiriti & Cucina
Address: Corso San Leone 3A, 04029 Sperlonga (LT), Italy
Tel: +39 338 6839418
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mudejarspiritiecucina

Ristorante Altró

In the hands of a young restaurateur, Gio La Rocca and his partner, Chef Emanuele Federici, they take this restaurant to a high level both for it simple elegance and its enogastronomic proposals. Gio stays in the dining room with his excellent wine labels from the territory, the rest of Italy and bubbles from France while Emanuele takes care of the kitchen. Seafood is the protagonist as it is just a few steps from the shores of Sperlonga, along Via Cristoforo Colombo, the main road of the town lined with restaurants, hotels and shops. The proposals in the menu are both innovative and classic but whatever you choose, the quality of the ingredients will strike you with their freshness.

The menu can easily perk your interest with creative combinations starting with the appetizers (€16 to €18) such as their bestseller, the Murales del Polpo which is octopus cooked in two ways, cream of violet potatoes and blueberries and carrots. For the raw seafood, they have the Grand Altró (€100) for two people which includes a grand variety of fresh seafood served on two tier plates. There are also the Giappon Altró (€50) that has a selection of sushi and sashimi and the Plateau di Ostriche (€40) that has 10 Grand Reserve oysters. The first dishes of pasta and risotto (€16 to €35) are mouthwatering especially the Emozione dello Chef (€25 to €35), fresh pasta dishes with crabs, blue lobster or lobster, depending on the availability of the catch of the day (with a minimum of two people). For the main courses (€25 to €27 or by weight), the options are ample depending on the catch of the day and the weight of the fish and can be cooked according to your liking. If you want something simpler, there are plates of fried or grilled seafood.

Outside Sperlonga, they have also recently opened another seafood restaurant in the center of Rome at Via Federico Cesi, La Bocca di Roma. Whereas in Fiumicino, they are handling the kitchen and dining of Nativo Champagne Food & Drink at Via di Villa Guglielmi.

Ristorante Altró
Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo 58, 04029 Sperlonga (LT), Italy
Tel: +39 3201619320
Website: https://altrosperlonga.it
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/altrosperlonga

Enoteca da Paolo / Antico Caffé Trani

Sperlonga is a holiday town where drinking wine and cocktails is one of the favorite activities of visitors. In this context, there are two places that are worth visiting. The historical Antico Caffé Trani from 1892 of the main square Piazza della Libertá and its new sibling, Enoteca da Paolo, which is a novel proposal in the same square in their newly-opened small wine bar in between the characteristic historical buildings. Here, their wine labels from various Italian and international regions are the protagonists lined along the walls of the small wine bar where you can immerse yourself in the culture of wine. The project was born from the experience of Paolo Lancerin, who matured alongside his wife Laura Fragione, owner of the Antico Caffè Trani. The café has earned its mark over the years as a place of destination for drinks, coffee, easy lunch or dinner in a casual ambience with outdoor tables under the shade of a tree.

Enoteca da Paolo will be organizing guided tasting events, workshops and themed evenings, offering a unique opportunity to learn more about wine and discover new food pairings. There will also be selections of high quality cheeses and cured meats, most especially from the local territory, to best accompany the wine experience.

Enoteca da Paolo / Antico Caffé Trani
Address: Piazza della Libertá, 04029 Sperlonga (LT), Italy
Tel: +39 0771549086
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anticocaffetrani

Villa Maria Luxury Suites

Villa Maria Luxury Suites is situated along the corner of the main road, Via Cristoforo Colombo and Via Andrea Doria where the gate for parking is located. At Via Cristoforo Colombo, the pedestrian gate is located for easier access to the beach which is just across the road. The villa is a structure built in the 1960s, owned by the Giugliano family and completely renovated using local materials in 2020. It is now handled by the family’s third generation. Here, you are surrounded by a Mediterranean garden including a couple of centuries-old pine trees that give the balconies of the rooms a cool shade. The rooms and common spaces are furnished and embellished with the works of a local artist, Massimiliano Battista. What will impress you is the attention to the cleanliness of the place, both in the common areas and the rooms. The check-in and check-out times are limited, which you should communicate beforehand. The breakfast is ample with salty and sweet proposals. Average price per room: €300, varying in seasons.

Villa Maria Luxury Suites
Address: Via Andrea Doria 45, 04029 Sperlonga (LT), Italy
Tel: +39 3339660748
Website: https://www.villamariasperlonga.com/

Santella Gioelli

While Sperlonga is a touristy town, it still has a number of shops that are specializing in artisan products like Santella Gioelli, situated in the main square, Piazza della Libertá. The brand is a symbol of the family that has been in the art of jewelry for five generations. Aside from their own line designed and created by Daniela Izzi, they also carry other high-end jewelry lines by well-known Italian artists. Camilla Miraglia of Santella Gioelli has inspiring proposals as soon as you walk in.

Santella Gioelli
Address: Piazza della Libertá 2, 04029 Sperlonga (LT), Italy
Tel: +39 0771 557053
Website: http://www.santellagioielli.it
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/santellagioiellisperlonga