Wondering Where to Eat Well in Fiumicino? Here are 18 Places From Simple to Fine Dining

Perhaps you know Fiumicino only as the town where your plane lands as the gateway to Rome and to the rest of the country. It’s true. But it is also one of the main fishing ports on where to get the freshest catch on the Tyrrhenian Sea. In addition to that, it is also known among Romans as the destination to eat good seafood because of its proximity to the capital. That half an hour car drive is worth the trip to bask in the sun and have excellent seafood dishes. Furthermore, the new gastronomic identity of Fiumicino is becoming an important reality. It now hosts a number of restaurants with chefs who point towards the high quality of the ingredients, whether they choose to go traditional or innovative in their cuisines. The town is dotted with places to eat, mostly seafood, but the main question is always, where should you go? Here is a list of places (in no particular order) where you can be assured of excellent quality and freshness of the ingredients, the seafood acquired from the daily catch of the fishermen and the vegetables at “zero kilometer”. Do note that the restaurants in Fiumicino tend to fill up very fast especially on weekends so it is advisable to reserve a table ahead.

1. Osteria dell’Orologio

Owned by Chef Marco Claroni and his wife Sommelier Gerarda Fine, Osteria dell’Orologio is one of Fiumicino’s best restaurants for contemporary seafood cuisine. Being a local of the town, he knows seafood very well and he only gets them from the daily catch of the fishermen. For sometime now, he has embarked on his project of ethical cooking and waste reduction, "La Bottega degli Stagionati". It is strongly linked to the tradition and habits of the fishermen who needed to make use of all the parts of the fish various treatments starting from salting, maturation and drying which leads to the production of cured hams, speck, bresaola, sausages, lards and much more.

From the time it opened in 2009, the restaurant has continuously received accolades, including one of the restaurants recommended by the Michelin Guide. Marco is a well-respected chef and teacher at A Tavola con lo Chef, one of Rome’s important culinary schools. The restaurant has a great team between the dining staff and the kitchen brigade wherein Sous Chef Alessandro Lambiase takes second in command. When you want a truly good dining experience, head to Osteria dell’Orologio where the food is always exceptional, accompanied by an impressive wine list that complements well the dishes and exemplary professionalism in the dining area. The menu changes every season witch proposals from Marco’s unending creativity. He puts different components that knit together into gastronomic delights that are visually striking and decidedly delectable. Book ahead as the restaurant tends to fill up quite fast. Indoor and outdoor seating available all year round. Tasting menus available between €65 to €90 with varying number of dishes. There is also a tasting option of 6 plates of appetizers at €55. Average prices of appetizers and pasta dishes between €20 to €22 each, main dishes between €24 to €28 and desserts at €10. Closed on Mondays, open from Tuesday to Sunday for dinner and Thursday to Sunday for lunch.

Address:Via Torre Clementina, 114

Tel: +39 06 6505251

Website: https://osteriadellorologio.net/


2. Il Tino

Il Tino’s history is linked to Ostia, the town next to Fiumicino. It opened in Ostia in 2006 where it remained there for 10 years. In the year 2015, they received their Michelin star, the first in that area. The move to Fiumicino in 2016 changed the face of the restaurant from a simple one to an elegant structure which shares the space with QuarantunoDodici Bistrot, overlooking the Tiber River in the compound of Nautilus Marina Yacht Club. With the move, they have also divided the kitchen to two different concepts. The bistrot as a casual place to eat on the ground floor while Il Tino, on the second floor, is open only for dinner with a limited number of 8 tables which provides a more intricate and contemporary cuisine. Behind both kitchens is renowned chef Lele Usai who conquers the kitchen with his innovative approach to haute cuisine using modern techniques and creativity. His key ingredients are the strength of the Tyrrhenian Coast which he marries only with the best ingredients. Accompanied with an exemplary wine list, dining at Il Tino is an assurance that your dinner is of supreme quality. Tasting menus of 7 courses is €120 and 9 courses at €150. À la carte is also available with two options of set menus: 2 courses + 1 dessert is at €90 and 3 courses + 1 dessert is at €120. Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Address: Via Monte Cadria, 127

Tel: +39 06 5622778

Website: https://www.ristoranteiltino.com/en/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ristoranteiltino

3. QuarantunoDodici

QuarantunoDodici (41-12) is translated to forty one – twelve in English and is pronounced as (kwa-ran-tù-no-dò-di-chi) and it stands for the geographical coordinates of the place, 41-12, along the Tiber River in the town of Fiumicino where the river meets the Tyrrhenean Sea. As previously mentioned, QuarantunoDodici and Il Tino are both co-owned by Lele Usai and partners. Both restaurants are located in a building in the premises of Nautilus Marina Yacht Club Complex. The location of the restaurant requires a car to reach since it stands along the Tiber River that divides the next town, Ostia, from Fiumicino. The bistrot is open daily for breakfast (bar only), lunch and dinner. It has indoor seating enclosed in glass, as well as outdoor seating which is right in front of the Tiber River. In contrast to Il Tino, QuarantunoDodici’s cuisine is simpler and strongly linked to the territory, using of course, the daily catch from the sea and ingredients of high quality. They have a daily menu called “Diaro di Bordo” with proposals based on the fish auction and the chef’s inspirations. The average prices are as follows: appetizers between €12 to €25, pasta dishes at around €14 to €16, main courses between €19 to €24 and desserts at €7. Book ahead as it gets full especially on weekends.

Address: Via Monte Cadria, 127
Tel: +39 06 6581179
Website: https://quarantunododici.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quarantunododici/

4. Pascucci al Porticciolo

Giancarlo Pascucci is a gastronomic icon of Fiumicino. He excels in his approach to his kitchen. His restaurant, Pascucci al Porticciolo, received the first Michelin star of the town in 2012 and has since been a destination for seafood gourmands. At Pascucci, you are assured of excellent seafood cuisine using the fresh catch from the Tyrrhenian Sea. Gianfranco has a vast source of ingredients right in front of him, where fishes of different kinds are taken to the dock by the local fishermen of Fiumicino as soon as they come in from fishing. He doesn’t limit his ingredients to the usual sea bass or turbot, because he feels impelled to take out the immense supply that the sea can provide us, more the unknown than the ones we are used to. The restaurant assures you of an unforgettable experience wherein the food is paralleled with an impressive wine list and commendable dining service in the hands of Giancarlo’s wife, Vanessa Melis and her staff. Aside from the singular entries in the menu, two tasting menus are available: Classic Tasting Menu at €130 that consists of 6 dishes while the Tasting Menu of €150 has more dishes. The menu changes every season and the proposals for Appetizers, Pasta and Main Dishes are between €26 to €35 each. Closed on Mondays and Sunday dinner, open from Tuesday to Saturday for dinner and Sunday lunch.

Address: Viale Traiano, 85
Tel: +39 06 65029204
Website: http://www.pascuccialporticciolo.com/

5. Borgo Salino

Borgo Salino is one of the new entries in Fiumicino which was born because of the enthusiasm of two friends: Agostino Valente, the former Executive Chef of nearby Hotel Tiber and Giorgio Borelli, a manager with years of experience in the hospitality sector. With their combined expertise, they gathered their courage to explore a new adventure by opening their own restaurant. Here, Agostino creates a cuisine with an innovative approach based on the local and seasonal raw materials. There’s respect for tradition but the experimentation sets his kitchen apart. His philosophy is to work on the catch of the day, where the simplest flavors of the sea, elevated to its maximum and reinterpreting them in a modern key. Raw and cooked appetizers are between €15 to €40 for the special raw seafood and fruit selection, pasta, risotto are between €16 to €20, and main courses between €16 to €25. The selection of tasting menus are three: Borgo, a selection of 6 cooked appetizers at €26; Salino, a selection of 12 raw and cooked appetizers at €45; and Palazzo Noccioli for a selection of 10 raw and cooked appetizers, a pasta dish and dessert at €60. Closed on Mondays, open dinner on Tuesdays, open for lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Saturday, and lunch on Sundays.

Address: Via della Torre Clementina, 4
Tel: +39 347 3131320
Website: https://www.borgosalino.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/borgosalino

6. Ristorante La Marina

When Alessandro Pietrini took the helm of the kitchen of Ristorante La Marina in 2019, the restaurant received a steady stream of clients who believe in his cuisine. Traditionality, genuineness and quality are three things that you will definitely be assured of. He affirms utilizing raw materials of excellent quality and the promotion of seafood only from the local waters, thus his menu often changes according to the availability of what the local fishermen catch. The dishes he creates are traditional Italian plates which capture the world of remarkable flavors of the sea, a kitchen that has a room for everyone’s palate. It’s the kind of cuisine that you will find mostly in a fishing town like Fiumicino but because of the value he puts towards quality, tradition, technique and perception of genuine flavors, he excels in what he does. His experience started in the kitchen alongside his grandmother at La Caletta of Ostia, his family’s restaurant in the next coastal town. Raw and cooked appetizers are from €10 to €20, pasta, risotto at around €14, main courses between €15 to €18, and desserts at around €6. The wine list has an ample selection of interesting wines to pair with his dishes. Next to the restaurant is La Marina Sushi Bar where he creates sushi using locally sourced fish for take-away and dine-in. Open daily except Sunday dinner.

Address: Via della Torre Clementina, 140
Tel: +39 0665047360
Website: https://www.lamarinaristorante.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lamarinafiumicino

7. Il Pesciolino Innamorato

Il Pesciolino Innamorato is a very pleasant intimate restaurant with just a few tables in a back road, parallel to Via Torre Clementina. It was originally opened about a decade ago as an antipasteria (appetizer restaurant) which is a first of its kind in Fiumicino, by Chef Diego Gioia, wherein you can order a succession of appetizer dishes instead of the regular Italian courses. After a few years, the menu widened to more courses of pasta, risotto and main. Diego’s style has a creative flair but he remains attached to the traditional Italian flavors. Tasty, well-executed and always pleasant to the palate, the proposals are never disappointing. The menu changes according to the availability of the ingredients and season but the theme remains on seafood. New additions have been introduced to the menu like the pokè which work perfectly in his takeaway menu. Appetizers are between €12 to €18, pasta dishes and main courses between €14 to €20 and desserts at €5. If you want a small and cozy place away from the usual throngs where you can eat well, this is the right place to be.

Address: Via Giovanni Battista Grassi 15 / 17
Tel: +39 06 97990792
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ilpesciolinoinnamorato.antipasteria/

8. Follis

Just opened on the first week of February 2023, Follis has already made quite a splash both for the curious locals and the Romans who are loyal to the kitchen of Chef Daniel Celso who has already impressed lovers of good food at CON.TRO Contemporary Bistrot in Rome. Follis is a project of three enterprising Roman restaurateurs, Francesco Matteucci, Marco Tosti and Mattia Molica who entrusted the striking design and architecture to Costa Group. At Follis, the concept of the kitchen is divided into two identities: “Living” which is strongly linked to Italian seafood tradition; and “Slowly” which is innovative and original. Daniel, along with his kitchen 12-man team delivers dual particularities to its clients, making sure that perfection arrives to every table with the coordination of Restaurant Manager Mauro Di Vilio. Living is a part of the restaurant where you can taste the Italian tradition with seafood-based dishes with straightforward characteristics, starting with their selection of fresh seafood plates. The menu recalls a typical relaxing Italian meal savored with family and friends.

The price range for raw and cooked appetizers is between €12 to €28, pasta and risotto between €12 to €16, main course between €16 to €26, and desserts at €6. In the inner part of the restaurant, you can find Slowly, where the ambience gives more exclusivity. Here, Daniel takes out his creativity using avant-garde techniques and unexpected combinations resulting in various flavors that impress the palate. The menu of Slowly gives space to dishes based on meat as well. There are three tasting menus available: Maris, a 4-course seafood menu at €70; Terrae, a 4-course meat menu at €70; and Confido priced at €100, a 7-course meat and seafood menu that gives the chef the liberty to choose the dishes. In the à la carte, appetizers are between €17 to €22, pasta and risotto between €20 to €24, main course between €23 to €30, and desserts between €12 to €14. It’s a kind of dinner to be relished in good time, slowly, an unforgettable experience of balance of the food, the vast wine selection and the service that Maitré Rafael Poter Da Cruz and his staff give. Dominating the main room of Follis is an impressive bar with talented bartenders who have mastered a selection of mixology drinks making aperitif another identifying aspect of Follis. Closed on Tuesdays, Living open for lunch and dinner, Slowly open only for dinner.

Address: Via della Torre Clementina, 146
Tel: +39 06 39915713
Website: https://www.follisristorante.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FollisRistorante

9. Reef Village

Reef Village, operational since 2003, is a simple small restaurant run by Pino Vaccaro and his family. It is located right on the beach along Lungomare della Salute, the main beach road of Fiumicino. When the warm season starts, usually around April and ends around October, the tables are set up outside the small structure. And that’s when Reef Village takes on a new life. Inside the structure, there is a bar that’s open all day while the restaurant operates for lunch, cocktails and dinner during summer both inside (perhaps when the weather is not right for outdoor dining) and outside. The kitchen is decidedly traditional based solely on seafood. The menu is composed of appetizing classic dishes of appetizers between €8 to €14, abundant pasta dishes around €15, main courses between €15 to €20 and desserts at around €5. However, the wine options are quite limited while cocktails can be interesting. If you want to have a truly relaxing meal on the beach with the sand between your toes, this is the best place to be. Book ahead.

Address: Lungomare della Salute, 105
Tel: +39 3273469908
Website: https://www.reefvillage.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reefvillagefco

10. Altavela

Altavela Ristorante, although positioned in the residential area of Via Passo Buole and away from the main hub of the restaurants of Fiumicino, is frequented by seafood lovers. The young proprietor Luca de Lisi is focusing his restaurant’s approach to something more than traditional in the menu. A gourmet seafood cuisine using raw materials of high quality is the format that he has developed for Altavela. A sense of being different and dynamic while still approachable in the palate resonate in his proposals. And this concept is embraced by Chef Roberto Micali in the kitchen. The options are interesting and seasonal so Roberto creates new concoctions when seasons and the availability of raw ingredients change. They don’t limit themselves to what can be locally procured in Fiumicino because there are some seafood of prestige that are only acquirable in other parts of Italy. Appetizers are between €15 to €20, pasta dishes between €16 to €20, main courses beatween €18 to €25 and desserts between €6 to €8. Closed on Mondays, open for dinner from Tuesday to Friday, Saturday for lunch and dinner, Sunday for lunch.

Address: Via Passo Buole, 97
Tel: +39 346 6068943
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/altavelaristorante

11. Pizzeria Clementina

When word started buzzing that Luca Pezzetta is opening a pizzeria in Fiumicino, excitement was in the air. A master of pizza making at a young age, Luca chose to return to his hometown after a successful experience in Rome and this time, he opened a place of his own together with a young local entrepreneur, Jacopo Rocchi. Luca owes everything to the early teachings of his grandparents, managers of the family trattoria in Grottaferrata, whereas for Jacopo Rocchi the story sinks into his family roots, fourth generation of the renowned pastry makers of Fiumicino, Rustichelli. At Pizzeria Clementina, the thin crust Roman pizza is the protagonist but they have developed a pizza line divided into three types: quadruccio Romana (slice of Roman pan pizza), baked in a pan (steamed in the pan first then baked in the static oven), and the Roman thin crust. These three types have three different leavening, so three different mother yeasts are used which, based on their properties and the different management methods, characterize the types of pizza.

At Pizzeria Clementina, the thin crust Roman pizza is the protagonist but he has developed five types of dough that are present in the menu namely the traditional Roman pizza (rolled out with a rolling pin and cooked in a wood-burning oven), quadruccio (slice of pizza in a Roman pan), Italian-style hand-rolled savory croissant, a slice cooked in a pan and focaccia agricola. Luca procures the seafood daily from the town's fish auction, from the local fishermen's boats, and from other companies in the area. Furthermore, the toppings are also enhanced by his recent artisan work on seafood salami and fish maturation.

With the thin crust Roman pizza, the menu is divided among classics which range between €8 to €15, and the original interpretations with meat and seafood toppings between €13 to €19. Fried appetizers are between €3 to €10, and the slices of pizza in the pan, focaccia agricola, quadruccio, and savory croissant are between €7 to €16. The pizzas are rigorously cooked in a wood-fired oven made with flour from Molino Angelica, a company that he has been collaborating with for years and which has given him the opportunity to create his own personal blend. The flour he uses in Fiumicino is produced from 3 Italian grains from as many regions: Sicily, Piedmont and Emilia. The flour is type 1, therefore rich in nutrients and mineral salts. Obviously stone ground, it is obtained from absolutely untreated hand-washed wheat. Whereas the toppings he uses are sourced from small producers which are well-selected for their quality, the daily catch of the local fishermen, and the extra virgin olive oil produced in Puglia. Open daily from 17:30 and for lunch on Sundays.

Address: Via della Torre Clementina, 158
Tel: +39 3288181651

Website: https://www.pizzeriaclementina.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pizzeria.clementina

12. Ristorante Diportista

Ristorante Diportista is located along the Tiber River, just a few meters from Il Tino and QuarantunoDodici. On a beautiful sunny day with blue skies or a starlit night sky and still waters at the river’s edge, this is a beautiful spot to enjoy lunch or dinner. It is a project of Domenico Ricciardi that opened in the summer of 2022 which was born from his love for the sea and for seafood cuisine.The restaurant is located inside Blue Dolphin Marina which is owned by his family. The kitchen is entrusted to Danny Olivera, who formed his culinary education at Boscolo Etoile Academy. His dishes are executed well with particular attention to presentation and of course, the quality and freshness of the ingredients. Service is very pleasant and attentive. Appetizers are between €14 to €17, pasta dishes between €16 to €22, main courses beatween €18 to €25 and desserts between €6 to €8. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, open for lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Saturday, and only lunch on Sundays.

Address: Via Monte Cadria, 95
Tel: +39 3792002981

Website: https://ristorantediportista.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diportistaristorante

13. Allure Restaurant Patisserie

Allure Restaurant Patisserie is created by Giampaolo Zhan, a young chef who came from the kitchen brigade of Heinz Beck and his wife Elisa Jin. Giampaolo’s restaurant background is already in his genes as he was born and raised in Rome in a family of restaurateurs then he gained his culinary education and training in Rome. He became a part of the team of Heinz Beck at the triple Michelin-starred restaurant La Pergola in Rome for almost a decade aside from experiences in other Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy. Backed up by professional international exposure, his foundation of culinary knowledge and techniques has strengthened him to what he has become now. Elisa instead has obtained her professional educational preparation in the dining room at Alma Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana, a renowned Italian culinary school where the late Gualtiero Marchesi, the founder of modern Italian cuisine functioned as the rector of the school. Pastry making marked the true beginning of Giampaolo’s passion in the kitchen which was notably influenced by his first teacher, Giuseppe Amato, the head pastry chef of La Pergola. Allure has three categories: the pastry shop which is open in the morning and afternoon; the bistrot which is open for lunch and dinner; and the fine dining restaurant, which opens only for dinner on weekends. Croissants, leavened products, cakes and salted pastries are available all day while the bistrot offers lunch and dinner proposals of easy options like burgers, sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes are between €16 to €20, fish and meat main courses are between €15 to €25 and appetizers are between €12 to €15 that sometimes change depending on the availability of the seasonal raw materials and catch of the day.

Address: Viale della Pesca, 43
Tel: +39 06 8778 0304 / +39 389 9862266
Website: https://allurerestaurant.it
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allure.restaurant.patisserie

14. Nativo Champagne, Food & Drink

An oasis of peace, Nativo has a beautiful location inside the Thuya Sporting Club where there are three padel courts, a beach tennis court and a semi-Olympic size swimming pool. The sprawling grounds of the club gives ample space between the courts and the main structure of the restaurant which is surrounded by lush trees and green lawn. On the second floor terrace of Nativo, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire club, the town and the Tiber River towards the sea while, while having aperitif. Lunch and dinner are served on the ground floor with glass doors that are left during the warm months to best enjoy the summer breeze in the surrounding garden. Opened in the summer of 2021, entrepreneur Catia D’Appollonio and partners took the ambitious challenge of providing an innovative culinary base at the club. The kitchen has gone through a few changes from its opening. The strong point of the kitchen now is the authenticity of the seafood flavors and the quality and seasonality of the raw materials. To complete the offer, there is an excellent cellar with a selection of the best champagnes, national and international wines and a drink list with a list of reinterpretations of the great classic cocktails in an original key. Appetizers are between €14 to €18, a grand tasting of the raw seafood is at €60, pasta and risotto dishes between €15 to €22, and main course between €20 to €25.

Address: Via di Villa Guglielmi, 33
Tel: +39 3357803978
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nativocfd

15. L’Angoletto – La Boutique del Pesce

Like what its name pertains to, L’Angoletto Boutique del Pesce is a small corner restaurant that specializes in fish along the main road of Fiumicino. In the kitchen is Marco Fedeli who conceptualizes a cuisine of seafood tradition using seafood sourced from the local fishermen and seasonal raw ingredients from the nearby vegetable farms. Touches of creativity in the dishes give his kitchen a refreshing angle of enjoying seafood like the leerfish sausage with fennel and smoked Scamorza cheese. The wine list has interesting proposals and do ask if there’s a new label that still hasn’t been included in the menu. Appetizers are between €10 to €12, a selection of the best fish tartare at €40, pasta and risotto dishes between €14 to €18, and main course between €18 to €20, and desserts at around €5. There are four variations of tasting menus: five raw and cooked appetizers at €30, twelve raw and cooked appetizers at €70, seven tasting courses at €40, and eleven tasting courses at €60. Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, open for lunch and dinner the rest of the week.

Address: Via delle Ombrine, 42
Tel: +39 3479875303

16. Il Ristorantino Lillo e Chicca

Opened in 2007, Il Ristorantino of Chef Lillo Santoni and wife Chicca Broglio is deeply rooted to Italian seafood tradition, sometimes with touch of creativity. They have created their name in their previous location at Via del Faro, but with their new location close to the porticciolo (marina), there’s more space and visibility The food and service have not changed because the husband and wife team take great care of their own spaces. The level of standard of the ingredients is good and the dishes are straightforward. The linguine with granseola (European spider crab) and tomatoes is the chef’s best plate however it’s not always available because the dishes depend on the availability. The raw and cooked appetizer platter is notable as well. The place is simple with moderate prices. Closed on Mondays and Sunday night, open for dinner from Tuesday to Friday, and lunch and dinner on Saturdays.

Address: Via delle Gomene 7/9/11
Tel: +39 06 65039033
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ilristorantinolillo

17. Rice Sushi & Fish

Opening a food activity at the peak of the pandemic had not been easy for Francesco and Maria Grazia but with sheer determination and hard work, they surpassed the challenging period with stability. Success seems to be siding with the couple because prior to Rice Sushi, in 2020, they started Live Sushi and Fish, a restaurant inside a hotel in Capo Vaticano in the southern Italian region of Calabria. In just a short period of time, it has become a reference point of excellence in the area. Eventually, they wanted to open their own place in the town where they live so Rice Sushi & Fish was born soon after. At present, their sushi bar has a steady stream of new and loyal clients who patronize them. Rice Sushi & Fish is small, accommodating only about 10 people at a time.

The menu is ample with classic sushi proposals to creative combinations, some popular cooked appetizers, as well as pokè. Sashimi of 3 pieces are between €5 to €8, and a mixture of 15 pieces to €25. Different kinds of sushi like the Mono Maki of 8 pieces are between €4 to €8; Uramaki of 8 pieces are between €10 to €18; Nigiri and Gunkan of 2 pieces are between €4 to €5; Temaki at €6; Gyoza of 4 pieces at around €7; Tartare between €10 to €12; and Pokè between €9 to €14. For bigger orders, the Sushi Boxes are between €17.50 to €55 for 12 to 40 pieces, whereas for the “Cakes” made of sushi rolls between 50 to 200 pieces, the prices range from €95 to €300. Homemade cakes and desserts are between €4 to €5.

Address: Via Anco Marzio, 76D
Tel: +39 3271750014
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ricesushi1

18. Enoteca Ostricheria

Enoteca Ostricheria of Paola Isopo has been the referral point in the town for years for a wine bar that specializes in excellent wines, oysters and gourmet products. Even if the place is small, with just four square tables with bar stools in the inner room and a couple outside, the place is packed with excellent wines from floor to ceiling that are available for drinking and buying. There’s always a selection of different fresh oysters with varying prices plus some other fresh raw seafood. The wines that can be ordered by the glass with reasonable prices. Enoteca Ostricheria is the perfect place to go to for aperitif. Closed on Mondays, open between 11:00 to 14:30 and 17:30 to 22:00 daily.

Via Torre Clementina, 122
Tel: +39 06 65048153
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063448674786