The Year 2022 Marks Another Success for Roero Days at Reggia di Venaria in Turin

It was a fulfilment for the wine producers of the Consorzio di Tutela Roero when they closed the two-day wine tasting event at Reggia di Venaria at the outskirts of Turin. A record number of over 3,000 wine enthusiasts have attended Roero Days between the 22nd and 23rd of May 2022. Wine lovers, wine professionals, art lovers and simply the curious ones have had the opportunity to discover the new vintages of Roero Arneis and Roero of over 70 producers and visit the Savoy residence, thanks to the collaboration between the Consorzio di Tutela Roero and the Reggia di Venaria.

"It was a beautiful edition, full of satisfactions for all the producers present personally to make Roero known, one of the few denominations in Italy to have two great, completely different expressions, Roero Bianco and Roero Rosso DOCG," affirms the president of the Roero Protection Consortium Francesco Monchiero. "A success to be attributed undoubtedly to the location, a marvel of our region that has nothing to envy to the great European royal residences, but above all to the quality of our wines and the state of health of our DOCG, which compared to last year has seen an increase of + 30% in terms of certified bottles."

Not only tasting tables, but also seminars and moments of cultural study. Almost 300 people took part in the tasting workshops with authoritative names in the world of wine such as Dario Cappelloni, Gianni Fabrizio, Fabio Gallo, Giancarlo Gariglio, Vittorio Manganelli and Paolo Zaccaria, conducting special verticals of Roero and Roero Arneis. Apart from the tastings, great interest was also given to the suggestive photographic exhibition "Roero " curated by Carlo Avataneo.

In the morning of the 23rd, the presentation of the book “Roero, La Civiltà dell'Arneis e del Nebbiolo ” by Luciano Bertello and Baldassarre Molino, a meeting which was also attended by journalists Mario Calabresi and Carlo Grande, was attended to the maximum capacity. On this occasion, the recognition of "Arneis Pioneer" was awarded to academics Anna Schneider, Vincenzo Gerbi and Franco Mannini for their commitment to the search for the most suitable clones for this type. It is an important contribution which allows us the guarantee of the richness of biodiversity of a vine that is establishing itself in an extraordinary way.

Completing the event was an extraordinary lunch in the Rondò Alfieriano of the Venaria which was specially set up for the occasion with the participation of 250 operators in the sector. The lunch was composed of four courses prepared by five different talented young chefs of Piedmont paired with Roero Arneis and Roero. Aperitif was served with 4 different kinds of finger food prepared by all the participating chefs followed by an appetizer of Asparagus, Hazelnuts and Roccaverano Cheese by Stefano Paganini of Ristorante Stefano Paganini (Alla Corte degli Alfieri); Lasagnetta of White Rabbit Ragù by Andrea Sperone of Belvedere Roero; Roero Beef Cheeks, Black Truffles and Potato Rollè by Andrea Ferrucci of Ristorante Marcelin; and a dessert of Red Cherry by Davide Sproviero and Fabio Poppa of Ristorante Le Scuderie del Castello di Govone. 

What is Roero DOCG?

The wines of Roero DOCG are produced exclusively in the designated areas using the indigenous grape varieties Arneis, a white variety, and Nebbiolo, a red variety. The Roero DOCG is reserved for the following typologies and mentions: Roero, Roero Riserva, Roero Arneis, and Roero Arneis Spumante.

Roero DOCG

Roero DOCG is reserved for red wines made with a minimum of 95% Nebbiolo grapes (the same grapes used for Barolo and Barbaresco). The remaining 5% can be from non-aromatic red grape varieties cultivated in the Piedmont region. However, in most cases Roero DOCG is made with 100% pure Nebbiolo. The ageing has a minimum of 20 months in which 6 months are done in oak. As for the Roero Riserva, the aging extends until 32 months in which 6 months are in oak.

Typically the Roero DOCG wine is characterized with limpid, ruby red color (and more garnet red for the Riserva), medium body and medium to high tannicity. They usually have aromas of spices, black forest fruits and cherries. They are normally less structured than Barolo and Barbaresco. This is because of the difference of the soils found in the three areas. The Roero area has the sandy soil with alluvial marine origin which gives richness in minerals and fragrant characteristics to the Nebbiolo whereas the areas of Barolo and Barbaresco have heavier limestone and clay stones.

Nebbiolo is a native grape of Piedmont with the first written records of it found at the end of the 13th-century. In the 18th-century, records show that different types were found in the cellars of the area, from dry to sweet. In following centuries, it became one of the most highly regarded red grape. Nebbiolo is grown almost exclusively in hillside vineyards with the best exposures to the sun and rarely planted on top of hills (on which Barbera is planted). 

Roero Arneis DOCG

Roero Arneis DOCG is reserved for white wines made with a minimum of 95% Arneis grapes. The remaining 5% can be from non-aromatic white grape varieties cultivated in the Piedmont region. These wines have crystal-clear limpidity, straw yellow color  and good intensity. At the nose, they open to delicate, fresh floral and fruity aromas like apricots and pears. Roero Arneis is one of the excellent white wines that can express wonderfully to ageing for some years.

Arneis has been cultivated in Roero for centuries. The first written evidence that it was being cultivated was around the 15th-century. In the 1700s Arneis was cited about as one of the best quality grapes, like the muscat and so, it was vinified mainly sweet or as a form of vermouth. Only in the 1970s that vineyards started to completely dedicate to Arneis. In the succeeding years, adopted the name White Nebbiolo because it was being planted next to the Nebbiolo grapes in the vineyards with the aim to attract the birds with its sweet scent as a way of distracting them away from the more valuable Nebbiolo clusters.

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