Barà Japanese Fusion Restaurant: A Journey Through Oriental Flavors in Avellino

Andrea Rullo, a young chef who was born and raised in Avellino in the Campania region and passionate about the oriental flavors, decided to open his Japanese restaurant right in the city where he was born. After procuring invaluable knowledge and experience in Italy and abroad over the years, he felt ready to embark on his project of introducing new flavors and experiences to his community.

Andrea found the perfect place to cultivate various oriental plants that can withstand the cold and mild temperatures in Irpinia, the territory at the lower reaches of the Apennine mountains, at the northeast of Avellino, This garden, all 15,000 square meters of it, is his source of ingredients where aromas and flavors of the orient invigorate the cocooned environment. Fifteen fruit trees and dozens of carefully diversified types of oriental sowing vegetables are cultivated. The garden allows a seasonal rotation in compliance with the fundamentals of the gastronomic culture of the Rising Sun and represents a particularity in the reality of oriental and Italian cuisine.

“Avellino is the city where I was born," says the sushi chef and owner of Barà, Andrea Rullo, "which has deep roots in gastronomy and which needs its young people and their ideas. Personally I chose to train outside, in Italy and abroad, and then return to Irpinia with my wealth of experience. Irpinia is a perfect place to cultivate and graft plants that withstand the cold and mild temperatures and from this was born the experiment of the garden of Barà, a Japanese fusion restaurant that wants to offer a relaxing and playful experience in the scents and flavors of the territory oriental, to discover new tastes in an environment where creativity is always on the agenda ."

The name "Barà" means rose in Hanakotoba, the Japanese language of flowers. Universally known as a flower of love and beauty, it is a name that Andrea has dedicated to his mother. But it also pertains to the thorns found on the stems before reaching the bud. These elements signify the vicissitudes he experienced in opening the restaurant during the Covid pandemic crisis. (Note: Don't forget the accent on the "a" as the meaning in Italian changes.)

At Barà, Andrea aims to bring people close to the Japanese culture through a unique gastronomic experience, a journey among oriental flavors with kitchen that dictates high quality, and a mission of discovery. Two areas are dedicated to diverse experiences. At the Omakase sushi counter, the chef proposes traditional sushi that are prepared in front of the diners, and consumed at the right temperature. Whereas in the normal dining tables, the tasting menus can be relished. 

Shiroi Tasting Menu (€60) has 6 courses. A longer and more profound option is the 9-course Din Don Tasting Menu (€80). Both courses can be accompanied with four drinks at €35. Also, each of the dishes in the tasting menus can be ordered individually as well, with prices ranging between €5 to €18. Interestingly, the Din Don Tasting Menu is a collection of dishes from 9 different cities of Japan with local Italian influences. From Sapporo represented with an oyster from Brittany, kombucha tea, kiwi jus and lime; to Kobe with ravioli with Australian wagyu and goji berries topped with Jerusalem artichoke sauce, white chocolate and Lapsang tea. There's also the unsettling presentation of the representative dish of Akita, the tomato, 36-month old Parmigiano Reggiano and red tuna tataki. Lastly, the Omakase Tasting Menu (€60), served at the sushi counter, consists of 9 courses according to the chef's inspiration and seasonality of the raw materials. This is an enriching way of discovering the traditional flavors of the Rising Sun.

Barà - Japanese Fusion Restaurant

Via Circumvallazione, 271

83100 Avellino (AV), Italy

Tel: +39 324 8376189 / +39 082 5463782

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Open for dinner, Saturdays and Sundays also for lunch, closed on Tuesdays