What's the Next Chapter After Culinaria im Farmerkreuz for Stefan and Manfred Kofler?

As the Latin saying has it "per Aspera ad astra" that is through adversities we will reach the stars, the exceptionality, the dream that has always been kept in the drawer. There is a dream shared by two brothers from South Tyrol, in the village of Tirol, on the hills of Merano: Manfred and Stefan Kofler, who in 2008 gave life to their personal aspiration of taking over the restaurant that their parents created back in 1972. The brothers strongly believe in what they do and invest, all their energies to be able to realize and be able to touch the apex of each new experience that they undertake. They fundamentally modernized the operating concept of Culinaria im Farmerkreuz and divided their tasks between the kitchen which Manfred took over, and the dining room, which Stefan handled. Mutual trust is the basis of their strength in their projects. Stefan succeeds in arriving with words and with his wines to explain and splendidly complete his brother's culinary work.

Manfred has discovered his interest in cooking at a young age when he was growing up in Kurpfalz, Germany and the times when he was cooking with his family were some of the best learning moments he got as a teenager. Culinary school was a natural stepping stone to his future. He spent years of gastronomic experiences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, acquiring ever greater comprehension and perfection in detail from each of his trips, as well as precision and rigor, qualities that he has brought to his kitchen.

Cooking, as he found out, also lends a feeling of exhilaration when he joins culinary competitions. At his first challenge, he won and he became the second best young chef in Germany. And so the string of winnings came when he moved back to his place of birth in South Tyrol from the age of 26: a multitude of cooking competitions taking home different kinds of championship titles of European level. In 2016, he received an award in Austria for his commitment to the development and success of the Austrian youth in cooking profession. In 2018, Culinaria im Farmerkreuz was awarded a Michelin star and at the same time included in the JRE - Jeunes Restaurateurs, an association of high-end European restaurants who are committed to preserving their territory through their dishes. 

Sadly, at the end of 2021, Manfred and Stefan closed the doors of Culinaria im Farmerkreuz in Tirol giving way to a complete remodeling of the structure to accommodate suites and apartments. It had been an incredible journey that the brothers shared at the restaurant the past fourteen years. Perhaps this chapter has ended for the brothers, but the book still has future chapters to fill up. They are on constant move looking for experiences, new journeys to undertake because you never stop being surprised by life and learning to get more and more.

"It is not a final farewell to the star chef Manfred Kofler, because enjoyment and excellent food will continue to play an important part in the farmer's cross, then in a new and exclusive form. We would love to have you join us in this new adventure,"
wrote Stefan and Manfred.

Note: Picture of Manfred and Stefan Kofler taken from Culinaria im Farmerkreuz website.

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