The Second Daniele Gourmet of Giuseppe Maglione Opens in Salerno

Daniele Gourmet finds its second new home in the city of Salerno. Still in the same region of Campania, the first Daniele Gourmet of Giuseppe Maglione was opened in the town of Avellino in 2016. But this new pizzeria has a bright and refreshing look. Its position along the tree-lined Lungomare Trieste fronting the sea complements the atmosphere of the place, perhaps even the mood. Giuseppe has created a pizza place in the midst of a green oasis realized by Michele Citro, a local architect, who for the past decade has been specializing in the culinary sector.. A hanging garden made up of 400 different types of plants arranged according to the degree of brightness that they receive, covers the whole ceiling interlocked with wooden trellises and built with an automatic irrigation and fertilization system. On the other hand, the external facade has spots of vibrant green vertical garden covering the walls alternating with the big glass windows.

Neapolitan by origin and having grown in the fascinating world of pizzas from a family of pizza chefs, Giuseppe Maglione’s recollections of his childhood were breathing flour and dipping his hands in the dough in his grandmother’s pizzeria in Naples. Opened in 1965 in Naples, Anna Daniele (thus the name of the pizzeria), followed her passion of frying pizzas which she became known for. Later on, when he came of age, he decided to experiment another road in giving the historical recipes a new perspective. So from 2016, he started inventing new combinations using the best Italian ingredients with main focus on his region, Campania which he presented at his pizzeria in Avellino. Reasearch, hard work and thorough dedication has seen the big success of Giuseppe. 

To make his pizzas highly digestible, Giuseppe uses only type 2 flour in the dough with a 36-hour leavening at a controlled low temperature. They are quickly baked in a big wood fire brick oven. The result is slightly thick with just the right crisp outside and soft inside and they remain like that even after they cool down a little bit on the table. The toppings are ingredients that express excellence which he procures directly from the best producers of the region.

The special pizza dough are flavored with chestnut, tomato water, cocoa and lemon. The type 2 flour is mixed with a small percentage of different flours like the chestnut flour obtained from chestnuts of Montanella, a protected geographical designation of Irpinia, cocoa flour and fine biological lemon zest in the crust. The pizza dessert options are between the awarded 2018 Best Pizza Dessert in Campania, Innamorarsi di Vesuvio (buttercream, fresh berries, apricot jam and mint), and Oro Verde (white hazelnut cream, pistachio cream and pistachios).

In the menu, you can find fried chips, croquettes of mixed potatoes, arancini and fried Neapolitan fritters between €1.50 to €4, as well as platters for 2 persons of local cured meat, cheese, mixture of fried appetizers, between €7 to €10, and a tasting option of appetizers (for 2) of the chef at €15. Pizzas, categorized between traditional, fried, gourmet and with subtly flavored special dough are between €4.5 to €15, and pizza desserts at €12. 

Daniele Gourmet

Lungomare Triestee, 98
84122 Salerno (SA) Italy
Tel: +39 089 2863294
Open daily for lunch and dinner 

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