Discovering the Chianti Classico of Casale dello Sparviero

"When my father, in the mid-70s, decided to invest in Tuscany, I was enchanted by the nature that surrounded the farm. I soon realized that behind a bottle of wine there was a world of passion and effort that took years to show its fruits. I tried to pass on the same passion handed down by my father Olindo to Arrigo, my son, firmly convinced that our legacy also passes through the thrill of uncorking a bottle of Chianti Classico surrounded by one's loved ones," says Ada Andrighetti, proprietor of Casale dello Sparviero Winery.

The words of Ada reverberate in every wine maker's mind. The veracity of someone in the family falling in love with viticulture with the hope of passing the same passion to the generations after, wishing that they will continue the family tradition. The story of Casale dello Sparviero started with the father of Ada, Olindo Andringhetti, a Venetian entrepreneur who bought the estate near Campoperi surrounded by vineyards, olive orchards, forests and arable land. It is located on the southwestern side of the Castellina in Chianti hills in the privileged position of the Sienese Chianti Classico which have the ideal quality-oriented terrain and climate for producing wines. The whole estate is 378 hectares big with 88 hectares of land dedicated to vineyards at an average height of 250 meters asl. Sensing great potential for wine production, Olindo completely renovates the farm and turns it into a wine estate in 1972.

In Ada's control from 1994, she took large steps in expanding the estate by acquiring the neighboring Casale and transforming it into a new production center which officially gave birth to Casale dello Sparviero. The farmhouse of Casale dates back to the 10th century which was originally built by the Lombards as a fortified tower to control the area. It underwent changes until the 17th century when it was modified to a monastery then later on to a farm. The next step was replanting all the vineyards as she aimed for adopting modernity in the activity. Ada's son, Arrigo Barion, representing the third generation, began contributing to the management of the estate years later.

The estate has vineyards located in the localities of Campoperi, Casale and Paronza, all in the municipality of Castellina in Chianti. In the vineyards, Sangiovese is widely cultivated, flanked by other vines that complement the blending of Chianti Classico DOCG, Canaiolo. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are also cultivated for the Toscana Rosso IGT as well Malvasia, Vermentino and Trebbiano for the Toscana Bianco IGT. Renowned oenologist Franco Bernabei supervises the wine production along with Matteo Bernabei. In 2016, they officially began the path towards organic certification, employing modern and chemical-free practices and by 2022, their production will be at 100% total organic.

Casale dello Sparviero is also a wine resort, offering six newly-refurbished modern apartments for rent. It is located inside the ancient monastery nestled on the green hills of Chianti. Plus there is also an infinity swimming pool with an exceptional view of the vineyards and the Chianti hills.


Casale dello Sparviero Chianti Classico DOCG 2019

A classic Chianti Classico composed of 95% Sangiovese and 5% Canaiolo. It is the first wine produced by the company with the first vintage from 1997. The grapes were obtained from 15-year old vines cultivated in clay and sandy soil. Aged in 50-hectoliter Slavonian oak for 12 months and further 6 months in the bottle. Crystal clear ruby red with intense and pleasant varietal nose featuring mature berries violets with an earthy note. Dry and fresh, with berries lingering in the mouth.

Casale dello Sparviero Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG 2018

Made with 100% Sangiovese grapes that went through a 15-day fermentation with the skins in cement tanks followed by ageing in French oak barrique for 18 months and a final 6 months in the bottle before being released to the market. Ruby red in color with hints of garnet at the edges. It has an interesting complex nose that's fruit-forward with the prevalence of red and black berries, almonds, sweet spices and pepper. In the glass, it presents a pleasant freshness and sapidity with notes of chocolate and tobacco leaves. A wine that shows elegance and harmony.

Casale dello Sparviero Paronza Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG 2018

This wine is obtained from the oldest vineyard of the estate which dates back to 1169 when historically, it was already being used by the pope of that time, Pope Alexander II. He donated this vineyard to the monks of the Hospitale di Santa Maria in Paronzola, an inn dedicated to the pilgrims walking along Via Francigena, so that they could make wine for their guests. This proves that Paronza has already been allocated for viticulture since the 12th century. Today, the winery's best wine label, the Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Paronza, is obtained from the grapes cultivated in that vineyard. After selecting the best grapes from the 20-year old vines of the Paronza vineyard, the grapes go through a 15-day fermentation with the skins in cement tanks followed by 5 days post maceration. Ageing takes places in French oak barrique for 18 months then in 50-hectoliter Slavonian oak barrels for another 6 months, and finally 12 months in the bottle. In the glass it has a deep ruby color with garnet on the edges. It has an intense and complex nose with notes of ripe dark plums and blackberries, forest underbrush, mushrooms, hints of pepper and salinity. In the mouth it offers freshness, lingering sapidity, good structure, velvety tannins and long persistence. It's a great harmonious wine that gives pleasure in every sip.

Casale dello Sparviero

Località Casale 93
53011 Castellina in Chianti (SI), Italy
Tel: +39 0577743228

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