Art Inspires The New Cocktails of Sky Stars Bar of A. Roma Lifestyle Hotel in Rome, Italy

An evolution of art from marble sculptures to paper and finally to its liquid from in glass is the latest concept of Sky Stars Bar, the panoramic cocktail bar located on the third floor of A. Roma Lifestyle Hotel. While Sky Stars keeps its mainstay cocktail concoctions, this month's theme is a list of ten original contemporary drinks based on the art of Stefano Azzena created by Bar Manager Alessandro Antonelli flanked by Claudio Diamantini and rest of the skilled bar staff.

Stefano Azzena is a Roman artist whose passion for art began from childhood. Painting courses at St. Martins and London and Università Popolare di Roma (UPTER) in Rome taught him the better management of painting techniques and the use of different materials for the realization of his original works. Over the years, he has collaborated with various art galleries in Italy and abroad to exhibit his work. Art is completely personal and his choice of expressing himself is through the reproposals of classic marble sculpture works through stencils or sometimes collage with clear links to abstract expressionism to pop art. For now until the end of summer season, some of his selected art works are on display at the lounge of Sky Stars Bar and with this exhibit, another kind of creativity has also developed inside the bar.

Originally conceived as an exclusive suite with panoramic views from its balconies on the third floor of A. Roma Lifestyle Hotel but was eventually styled as a stylish cocktail bar, Sky Stars Bar bestows a trendy atmosphere both in the cozy indoor and outdoor balcony seats. 

The new drink list of Sky Stars Bar until the end of Summer 2020 is: 

Ah Pollo... So' Greche!

Inspired by the classic gin sour, this drink has the fennel seeds and rosemary to give the Mediterranean touch with silky textures.

5 Stones

Adding pebble stones steeped in cumin makes this drink quite unique which also adds complexity to its negroni inspired mixture of gin and vermouth. 


The Greek god of war, Ares, is represented with a drink fit for a warrior. A refined drink with a Mezcal base and flavored with contrasting sweetness of berries and and smoky saltiness of salt around the rim.


Quite an aromatic drink that envelopes you with its richness of sweet aromatic herbs of cinnamon, cloves and ginger. Based on a quartet of delicious alcoholic drinks: armagnac, port, cognac and reduction of red wine.

Ciocca di Medusa
The winged human female with serpents in place of her hair, is represented with this concoction. A perfectly balanced combination of strong thyme syrup, Naga bitter dissolved in honey, apple and balsamic vinegar. Powerful flavors in each sip, reminiscent of Milano-Torino cocktail with a balsamic note in the palate.

Chi Mena Pe' Primo

Reminiscent of the 1894 cocktail drink Rob Roy which consists primarily of whisky and vermouth, this complex drink pays homage to the terracotta jar where it was left to mature for 12 days.

Davide e Golia
A negroni of quality with homemade licorice bitter, gin and vermouth.

Elisir di Eterna Giovinezza

Elixir of eternal youth, this interesting drink is a product of milk washing or milk punch, a centuries-old technique that has recently put back in the mixology scene. The base recipe of milk and lemon is added to the mixed cocktail then the milk curdles. The mixture is then strained with a cheesecloth to remove the curds and cloudiness. 

Discobolo Martini
The sculpture of the Greek athlete throwing a discus is portrayed with the modern martini realized with varying preparation techniques.

Tu Si Que Vales

Using Sky Stars Bar's own liquor to prepare this version of the New Orleans cocktail Sazerac.

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