Aroma Restaurant in Palazzo Manfredi in Rome: Breathtaking Dining Experience

In Rome, the places to see, the things to do and the food to eat are more than enough to fill up a brimming wish list. The myriad offerings take up almost every corner of the city like a sprawling museum to be discovered on foot or even better, from above. Palazzo Manfredi, a 5-star luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the city has dedicated one of its terraces to one of Rome's most enticing culinary destinations that overlook the Colosseum. It has one of the most unparalleled panoramic views of the immense two thousand year old ancient Roman amphitheater and the ruins of Ludus Magnus, the largest gladiatorial school during the same period.

Aroma Restaurant
Aroma Restaurant is a Michelin-starred where dining can be one of the most unforgettable experiences anyone can have, whether as a local or visiting for the first time. The enchantment starts with the setting that envelopes the restaurant and the impeccable service which revolve around the equally impressive kitchen of Executive Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio. With the passion for recreating classic Italian flavors with the use of the best organic produce, he easily established himself as one of Italy's finest chefs.

Being the executive chef since it opened in 2010, Chef Di Iorio has since developed a menu that incorporates his unique creativity, his mastery of traditional Italian cuisine, implementation of culinary techniques and utilization of fresh local ingredients from the surrounding territories. Being a supporter of sustainable fish, only serves lesser known species. The result is a distinctively contemporary and original cuisine that fully embraces the Italian flavors which eventually gained him a Michelin star in 2015.

As a child born in Rome, Di Iorio's interest in food was piqued by the aromatic scents and beautiful colors of the fresh produce in the markets. Learning from his mother's natural ability in choosing the best fruits and vegetables, he still keeps this enthusiasm with him today as he heads to the kitchen on the top floor of Palazzo Manfredi. He formalized his culinary education at a catering school in Rome then earned his first professional experience in local restaurants.

In London, he joined the culinary team at Hyde Park Hotel, under Head Chef Giuseppe Sestito, which during that time was one of the most prestigious hotels. The experience opened a door for him in discovering a love for beauty and intense flavors which was fundamental in shaping his culinary philosophy as a luxury hotel chef. Furthering his culinary and pastry skills, he gained more valuable experience with various positions luxury hotels in Rome as well as a brief period at the Hotel Splendide Royal Lugano in Switzerland. Finally, he held the position of Executive Chef for 9 years at Rome's Mirabelle Restaurant in Hotel Splendide Royal Roma where he gained the first Michelin star of his career before he took over the kitchen of Aroma. His signature dishes include Olive Oil Ravioli, Pork Jowl with Marinated Red Cabbage and Corn Chips and the Roman Mupa fish paired with Spinach, Cabbage and Saffron.

Along with the culinary creations of Di Iorio, Pastry Chef Daniele De Santi proposes excellent desserts. Sommelier Alessandro Crognale proposes a meticulously researched wine menu which boasts over 800 labels with particular focus on international producers and champagne.

The seasonal menu of Aroma features dishes that represent the freshness and high quality of the ingredients used in the dishes of Chef Di Iorio and his kitchen brigade. Appetizers and first dishes of pasta and risotto are priced at an average of €42, main courses of fish and meat at around €56, traditional dishes like Rigatoni Pasta with Oxtail and Cocoa (€38) and Roman Tripe with Tomatoes, Mint and Pecorino Cheese (€42). Special plates like the chef's version of Bouillabaisse (€85) and Wagyu Kobe Tagliata with Potatoes and Vegetables (€95) are available. Desserts are priced at €25. Notably good are Mazara Prawn Perfumed with Mint and Roasted Porcini Mushroom; Egg with Chicken Extract, Ricotta Cream with Black Truffle and Asparagus; Bison Sirloin with Barolo, Pistachio, Rocket and Red Fruit Coulis; and Tropic: Milk Chocolate Cream, Coconut, Pinacolada Foam, Banana and Lime Gelato. There is a 9-course Tasting Menu, (including the Chef's Welcome and Sweet Prelude) at €180, whereas the tasting menu including various wine pairing by the glass as suggested by the sommelier is at €280.

Aroma Bistro'
On the other end of the the restaurant, Palazzo Manfredi offers Aroma Bistrot,  a more casual dining ambience with a more approachable menu, including a stylish business menu without compromising the quality of the food and service. This other part of the hotel gives views of the Colle Oppio gardens below.

The Court
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Indisputably, the bar with the best view in Rome, the Court is the ground level cocktail bar of Palazzo Manfredi that, like the Aroma Restaurant, bestows a breathtaking view of the Colosseum and Ludus Magnus. Behind the counter is an impressive line up of drinks with the mixology of internationally-renowned  barman  Matteo Zed, known for bold and eclectic bitters and cocktail concoctions, with the support of Gennaro Buono, Palazzo Manfredi’s F&B Manager and candidate for 2016 Best Sommelier in Italy. The gourmet experience at this magnificent bar is signed by Executive Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio.

Palazzo Manfredi
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Housed in a 17th-century historical palace in the heart of Rome, it offers one of the most beautiful views over the capital including the nearby Colosseum, Ludus Magnus, Imperial Forum and Domus Aurea. The hotel has 20 distinctly designed rooms, suites and grand view suites which blend contemporary with traditional aesthetics.

Palazzo Manfredi was founded by Count Goffredo Manfredi and passed down to his grandsons, Counts Goffredo and Leonardo Ceglia Manfredi. It is a part of the Manfredi Fine Hotels Collection which is comprised of three 5-star luxury boutique hotels namely Rome's Palazzo Manfredi and Palm Suite, as well as Punta Tragara Hotel in Capri and three Michelin-starred restaurants inside the structures.


Aroma Restaurant

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