Chef Apreda’s Wednesday Night of Pizza and Champagne at Divinity Restaurant

Immediately after the opening of Idylio Restaurant on the ground floor of the five-star Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel of the Tridente Collection Group, Chef Francesco Apreda further extends his talent to developing pizzas at Divinity Restaurant on the top floor indoor and outdoor areas of the hotel.

Following his Neapolitan origin, Apreda includes very interesting proposals of pizzas called Spezial Pizzas alongside the main Divinity menu of varying dish combinations with buffalo mozzarella strictly served at 38°C, a selection of Japanese-style Mediterranean seafood carpaccio, pasta served in sharing pots of Roman tradition like amatriciana and carbonara, thook (which means skewers in Hindu) which are skewered dishes of Indian tradition using the tandoori cooking and Japanese dishes which came about from his years of experience in the cities of Mumbai, New Delhi and Tokyo. Concluding the Divinity experience is a roving cart of mini Italian pastries created by award-winning Idylio Pastry Chef Edvige Simoncelli.

The two main philosophies of the kitchen of Divinity is conviviality wherein the menu proposals are created for sharing portions on the table and cosmopolitan for embracing influences and ideas from the Apreda's beneficial experience in India and Japan.

Spezial Pizza is the line of pizzas that Apreda created with pizzamaker Lorenzo De Bellis, formerly from Spiazzo and supervised by Head Chef Francesco Focaccia who has been working alongside Apreda for years. For high digestibility, the pizza dough goes through a maturation of 48 to 96 hours and baked in the outdoor rotating gas oven. The result is an exceptional amalgamation of softness inside with just the right layer of crispiness outside. The toppings are inspired by the traditional Italian combinations with impeccably-balanced sprinkling of spices, a definitive signature of Apreda's cuisine.

There are two kinds of pizzas with varying toppings: Round Durum Wheat Pizzas to Share (€15 to 19) and Whole Wheat Square Pizzas to Cut (€17 to €19). The Durum Wheat Spezial Margherita (€15), their depiction of the classic and simple Italian pizza of tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil plays a significant role in understanding the high quality of ingredients used in their recipes. While the toppings change according to seasons, availability of ingredients, and the creativity of the chefs, the pizzas remain constant in the excellent flavors that they radiate.

Other pizza toppings, each meriting attention of their own are: Whole Wheat Pizza with Yellow Tomatoes, Red Radicchio Tardivo, Ricotta Cheese and Garam Masala; Whole Wheat Pizza with Chicory, Smoked Scamorza Cheese and Green Curry; and Whole Wheat Pizza with Potatoes, Mangalica Lard and Fennel Seeds.

With the growing importance of gastronomic focus on pizzas in Rome, a special night is being dedicated to pizzas paired with champagne every Wednesday, between 19:00 to 22:30 at Divinity Restaurant. At a price of €75 for two persons, they propose tastings of 4 kinds of round pizzas to share, a half bottle of Veuve Clicquot St. Petersbourg champagne, selection of desserts, water and coffee.

Other than the Spezial Pizza, the Divinity menu proposes entries for Kore Food Bar which includes dishes of the Buffalo Mozzarella 38° (€17 to €20) and Fish Carpacci (€22 to €28). The sharing pots of Convivial Pasta (€21 to €25), Thook (€18 to €58) and the Sweets in Showcase at €3.50. The wine menu has a big selection of Italian and international labels which is handled by Fabrizio Gismondi, the restaurant manager and sommelier of Divinity while the cocktails are concocted by Stefano Franzon at the bar of Divinity Terrace Lounge Bar.

Divinity Restaurant

The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel

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