Exploring the Unconventional at Anko Restaurant in Rome

A round social table for eight with the illustrious Gianfranco Anko Cancelli at the head of the table and the open kitchen behind him, putting together unexpected innovative dishes. A Promethean cuisine strongly-inspired by the flavors and aromas of Japan awaits you. Think about dining with ipads, pizza boxes, sardine cans and other peculiar serving dishes. Most importantly, imagine a rich gastronomic experience highlighted with its individualistic characteristic. Call it Anko, a homonym with a wealth of meanings in Japanese including a name of an emperor but at Via Regina Margherita 168, it means one thing - A New Kitchen Order.

Gianfranco Cancelli, originating from Sora, a town outside Rome, is only in his mid-twenties and has a lot of international culinary experiences to tell. At a young age, he already acquainted himself in the world of professional kitchens in Turin and Sardinia then at 19, he commenced with his big steps outside Italy with UK as his first stop, Russia, Tunisia and Japan followed suit. Back to Italy in different gastronomic key locations like Milan, Capri and Rome. His original culinary philosophy was developed through an abundance of knowledge, techniques and a peek at diverse cultures with his experiences but what struck him the most was a significant step in Japan where he attended culinary courses at Tokyo Sushi Academy.  

The kitchen is not about prolixity, rather it is expressive in so many dynamic ways through essentiality and originality with the quality of the raw ingredients placed at the pinnacle. Anko is a conception of well-studied choices by Gianfranco and Riccardo Di Salvo, proprietor of Samba Maki, an already existing Japanese-Brazilian restaurant wherein Anko is located.

"In my dishes there is a fixed thought, the will to not be classic. I have a certainty that guides me in the creative process: I know what I don't want to be! I will always give priority to instinct, guided by my curiosity." Gianfranco states.

There is only one menu, a Tasting Menu of 8 courses (59.99€) that evolves around seasonality and availability of the raw ingredients. The menu can be accompanied with 3 glasses of wine at 30€.

Anko Restaurant

Via Regina Margherita, 168

00198 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 8415075

Open for dinner from Saturdays to Mondays

Closed on Sundays