Celebrating the First Year of Grilling at Terra Eataly in Rome

November 2019 marked the first year of success for Terra, Eataly's grill restaurant. Lovers of grilled food who have been greeted by the artisan made 3-meter long grill will continue to enjoy the grilled meat, seafood and vegetables of the kitchen. With particular attention given to the superior aspect of food, the oven is fueled only by virgin oak wood from the Italian Calabria region for the unique aromas they give. Terra highlights the philosophy of grilling raw materials of superior quality as it pivots around the principal elements of fire, earth and nature.

In time with the first anniversary, a new chef has also arrived to direct its kitchen. Twenty seven year-old Angela Pierantozzi, originating from the capital itself, had started her professional career in 2012 at Eataly had the opportunity to work and train mega Roman store's restaurants alongside Eataly Executive Chef Enrico Panero. During the first year of Terra, she functioned as the sous chef and after a year, she was handed the important role of running it.

Along with the new chef, a new menu is also being introduced to its old and new clients. The menu opens with proposals of Appetizers (€5 - €12) divided into various types of bruschetta, tartare, fried and classic entries. The raw seafood and cocktails will continue to be present in the menu that be ordered at the entrance bar of the restaurant. La Griglia (€12 - €24) continues with excellent proposals of grilled meat and fish dishes served with side dishes. Among the grilled meat specialties are the Tagliata di Biancostato con Osso (Beef Ribs with Bones), Galletto alla Diavola (Cockerel alla Diavola) and the Filetto di Manzo (Beef Tenderloin). Whereas for the seafood, there are the Totano Pescato e Marinato con Erbe Aromatiche e Limone (Marinated Flying Squid with Aromatic Herbs and Lemon), Tonno Pinne Gialle (Yellowfin Tuna) and the Trancio di Ombrina (Slices of Corb). For the Pasta (€13 - €14) , their celebrated Spaghetti with Smoked Vongole and Tomato Confit from the previous year will continue to be served. Concluding the menu options will be the Dessert and Artisan Gelato (€4 - €7) of Maestro Eugenio Morrone.

Like with any excellent food proposals, Terra's wine list selection covers various paths for different palates. Pop wines covers the variations for different budgets, heroic wines are the proposals that come from impervious and precious territories, the volcanic wines come from geographical areas with unique mineral-rich soil compositions, and the Che Buoni Quegli Anni, the proposals where the vintages have made impact to the quality of the wines instead of the labels.


Eataly Rome

Piazzale 12 Ottobre 1492

00154, Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 349 9357311 (for bookings)

Email: terra@eataly.it

Open daily from 12:30 to 15:00 / 19:00 to 23:00