Twenty Five Years of Osteria dell’Ingegno in the Italian Capital

On 30 October 1994, Osteria dell’Ingegno opened its doors to its clients with the privileged view of the columns of the Temple of Hadrian in Piazza di Pietra at the heart of Rome. Just a few steps away from it is the are some main sights of Rome like the Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi and Chiesa di Sant’Ignazzo di Loyola. Originally conceptualized as a wine bar twenty five years ago, its focus was more on drinks and conviviality. Multi-colored with a fun contemporary style, giving a friendly and cozy atmosphere, Osteria dell’Ingegno’s space is spread out on two levels with a capacity of 60.

Over the years, it evolved into a restaurant where Giacomo Nitti, one of the founding owners, was once directing the kitchen. It was the reference point for those who wanted to try the culinary tradition from different regions of Italy. Over the course of its history, he passed the role to a trio of women from the family - Anna the youngest in the group, Francesca her mother, and Lucia her aunt. Hailing from the region of Abruzzo, they have embraced the Osteria dell’Ingegno project to the core of their kitchen. Paolo Latini, a sommelier who, after 10 years of experience in Rome at Gusto and Osteria degli Amici, has decided to join the team of Osteria dell’Ingegno to spearhead the dining service of the restaurant.

For the past 25 years, Osteria dell'Ingegno maintains its celebration of dishes from north to south of Italy, keeping the tradition and simplicity with local ingredients. It embraces the concept of Made in Italy products, supporting a careful selection of local producers and utilizing the freshest catch from the nearby sea.

Fresh pasta is prepared in the kitchen everyday with flour and biological eggs in different formats that represents the various regions of Italy like the Busiate Siciliana con Ragù di Scorfano (Sicilian Busiate Pasta with Red Scorpion Fish Ragù), Orecchiette Pugliese con Totani, Cicoria e Lenticchie (Apulian Orecchiette Pasta with Flying Squid, Chicory and Lentils), Tortelli Emiliani di Erbette (Tortelli from Emilia with Wild Herbs), Gnudi Maremmani con Burro e Ortiche (Gnudi from Maremma with Butter and Nettle), and Sagne Molisane col Sugo di Castrato (Sagne Pasta from Molise with Tender Meat and Tomato Sauce).

Following the tradition of the market, Tuesdays and Fridays are earmarked with Fish Couscous and Cacciucco e Baccalà, a typical fish soup from the area of Livorno in Tuscany. Thursdays, you will find liver, as well as gnocchi which is traditionally served in Rome on this day of the week. On Sundays, the osteria has a menu like how it is at home so expect some ravioli, lasagne, lamb, typical Roman pasta dishes, pollo alla diavola, fifth quarter and roasted meat.

 The wine list covers 300 labels in all with a strong presence of wines from the Lazio region and natural wines. Every fifteen days, you can find 25 various wines listed on the blackboard that can be ordered by the glass. 

The prices in the dinner menu are reasonable. Appetizers are between 10.50€ to 16.50€, including a big platter of assorted cheese and ham for two people at 26.50€. Pasta and Risotto dishes are between 11.50€ to 16.50€. The main dishes of vegetables, meat and fish are between 14.50€ to 24.50€. Desserts are between 5€ to 9€. For lunch, the menu entries are simplified with prices ranging from 10.50€ to 22.50€.

Osteria dell'Ingegno

Piazza di Pietra, 45

00186 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 6780662




Open daily from 12:00 to 24:00

Closed on 24 - 25 December and 10 to 20 August