Il Tino in Fiumicino, Italy: A Michelin Star Along The Roman Coast

The past thirteen years had seen Il Tino metamorphosing from a simple restaurant in Ostia to an elegant Michelin-starred restaurant in Fiumicino. In that simple restaurant in Ostia, regular clients patronized and curious new ones arrived. Il Tino became the referral point for excellent seafood cuisine in the coastal town of Rome even if its location is in a quiet residential road in absence of a good seaview. People went there for the call of the excellent food that Chef Patron Daniele Usai prepared and the interesting wine proposals to accompany his dishes.

In 2011, he became a member of Jeunes Restaurateurs (JRE). The year 2015 had been phenomenal as the Michelin star arrived. A year later, Il Tino went through another milestone. The restaurant relocated to the nearby coastal town of Fiumicino and the creation of QuarantunoDodici, a bistrot which is also under the kitchen of Daniele Usai but with a more casual and traditional tone. The chosen location is the Nautilus Marina, the oldest marina along the Roman coast which was born in 1964 as Yacht Club by one of Italy's most important families, the Bulgari Family and Agostino Straulino, a legendary Italian sailor. In 1998, it was converted into a nautical complex by Pino Stilitano and his sons Paolo and Nico. At present, the Nautilus is an important point of reference of the sailing world with an internationally renowned shipyard. And of course, a Michelin-starred restaurant in the premises!

Il Tino resides on the second floor of one of the structures of the complex fronting the Tiber River while QuarantunoDodici is located on the ground floor of the same building. Distinct from each other but nonetheless both boasting their excellence in the kitchen, Daniele Usai has made things better in the Nautilus that extends all the way to Rome. Gourmands find their way once again to the new kitchen of Daniele Usai.

The new Il Tino, a joint business venture of Daniele Usai, Nico Stilitano and Stefano Loreti, is an exclusive dining room with a limited number of 8 round tables. The tables are sprawled on the second floor with large glass windows overlooking the Tiber River and the boats docked below in the harbor. It has recently undergone a refurbishment as the new kitchen can now be viewed by the diners and watch the Daniele and his team, Sous Chefs Claudio Prossomariti, Gabriele di Lecce and Alessandro Turtulici work on their dishes. The minimal number of tables also allows Daniele to interact more with his guests.

Daniele Usai conquers the kitchen with his innovative approach to haute cuisine using only the best local products. His key ingredients are the strength of the Tyrrhenian coast which he marries only with the best raw materials. His reinterpreted dishes highlight unique and refined local flavors derived from his talent for creativity and contemporary techniques in the kitchen. His kitchen has a desire to surprise the palates with the unexpected but still rooted firmly to tradition. 

Accompanied with an exemplary wine list by Sommelier Hiromi Nakayama and the attentive service of MaƮtre Pierluigi Piliego and Chef de Rang Alexanda Serramondi, dining at Il Tino is an assurance that your dinner is of supreme quality.

Appetizer prices is averaged at €25, pasta dishes around €26 until €40 (when in season with white truffles), main courses between €32 to €37 and dessert around €16. Tasting menus of 4 courses is €80, 6 courses at €95 and 10 courses at €130.

Note: For more accurate prices and information, please refer to their site.

Il Tino

Via Monte Cadria, 127

00054 Fiumicino (RM), Italy

Tel: +39 06 5622778


Open daily for dinner except Tuesdays