Ristorante Acero Rosso in Vodo di Cadore, Italy: A Typical Mountain Chalet

The Dolomite mountains are just up ahead showcasing a picturesque view of the range of the Cadore mountains, Pelmo, Antelao, Rite and Sasso Lungo from the garden of Ristorante Acero Rosso. At almost 360 degrees, you can enjoy a breathtaking alpine scene right in front of you, just by sitting on the terrace of the restaurant or on one of the lounge chairs on the garden during summer.

Ristorante Acero Rosso is housed in a typical two-storey Dolomite mountain chalet dressed in dark wooden panels. In the roomy internal dining area which accommodates 70 (and 40 outside), the central attention evolves around the fireplace that gives warmth and soft glow of the flames in the cold months. Wood and stone walls, gray stone flooring, beamed ceiling, and the general earth color tone on the tables create a welcoming ambience of warm alpine hospitality.

Proprietors Aldo and Raffaella Melon offer typical dishes of the traditional Dolomite cuisine with a wine list that parallels the food. The proposals at the menu are reasonably priced. Appetizers are between €9 to €14, First plates of pasta and risotto are between €8 to €13 while the main courses are between €11 to €19. The desserts are priced between €5 to €8. 

If you love traditional Dolomite kitchen, then this is a good place to get them like the Tagliatelle al Ragù di Cervo (€9), the Casunzei of Beetroot (€8), Grilled Porcini Mushrooms (€15), and the Pelmo Plate comprised of grilled cheese, Ampezzana potatoes, sautèed chanterelle mushrooms and polenta (€17). The Venison with Mountain Cranberries, Celeriac Puree and Polenta Waffle (€19) is a very interesting proposal to try. 

Ristorante Acero Rosso

Località La Chiusa

Via Ruvignan, 1

32040 Vodo di Cadore (BL), Italy

Tel: +39 0435 489653

Email: info@acerorossodolomiti.it

Open daily for lunch and dinner except Wednesdays