Dziaugsmas Restaurant in Vilnius: Lithuania’s Best Restaurant

Opened in 2017 and it immediately became the second best restaurant in Lithuania just as few months later. It then moved up to the first position for two years in a row, 2018 and 2019. And to underline this success, it is consistently fully-booked with a capacity of 64. That's the phenomenon that Chef Martynas Praškevičius of Dziaugsmas Restaurant has created in the gastronomic scene of Lithuania. Located in the city of Vilnius, this three-level restaurant has a contemporary environment of gray monochrome of steel, stone and wood wherein the dishes are magnified in the subdued and minimal setting, in the true sense of culinary protagonism.

Both upper photos from Dziaugsmas Restaurant

All of the raw materials used in the kitchen are organic, fresh and Lithuanian-grown with the best quality, the majority of which are sourced from the well selected agricultural producers in Tymo Turgus, the farmer's market in Vilnius. Knowledge about the ingredients that are used is fundamental and that is what Martynas maintains with his personal relations with the producers themselves. His kitchen philosophy? To highlight Lithuanian products in his creations. The historic Lithuanian dishes are revisited and given new identities, sometimes with surprising combinations of flavors.

Upper photos from Dziaugsmas Restaurant

His excellent cooking skills were attained on his own through constant practice and perseverance in Lithuanian kitchens as well as abroad. The time and effort that he has been dedicating to his work has yielded a good outcome. Chef Martynas Praškevičius is now one of Lithuania's highest-ranking chefs.  It seems that whatever restaurant Martynas commands receives a success story. One of his most significant stepping stones in learning is working at the culinary project Virtuves Mitu Griovejai (Exposers of Kitchen Myths) with Ali Gadžijev and Alfas Ivanauskas. Afterwards, along with partner Martynas Šlikas, they started Stebuklai Restaurant which became Lithuania's best restaurant in 2016 and among the top 30 until 2019.

Simplicity and sharing tastes around the table play central roles at Dziaugsmas. The best way to enjoy the food at the restaurant is ordering different dishes, most especially the smaller portioned appetizers, and sharing them with the whole table. In fact, some of the dishes are specially sliced to facilitate this concept better. Forget about fine dining and think about cozy eating because that is the kind of ambience they want to portray in the restaurant. Food is essential for nurturing but it is also important to appreciate and enjoy the quality of what you are eating. Happiness, as the name Dziaugsmas means, is most valued in the restaurant.

The menu is divided in four seasons as based on the fresh produce procured from the local farmers while the entries are categorized to Appetizers (€6 to €8), Main Courses (€11 to €30) and Desserts. There is also a Tasting Menu composed of 9 courses for €60. Some of the notable dishes are the Black Cod Fritters (€8) and the Beef Ribs (€30). The wine menu complements the concept of the kitchen by staying organic and natural in the selections made by Sommelier Karolis Juzėnas.


Dziaugsmas Restaurant

28 Vilniaus G.

Vilnius LT-01402

Tel: +370 63111153


Open from 17:00 to 23:00 daily except Sundays 

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