Bistrot 64: A Japanese Chef’s Starred Kitchen in Rome, Italy

At No. 64, Via Guglielmo Calderini in Rome, the door of Bistrot 64 opens to a French-inspired lounge with dark wood, white grey-veined marble table tops and white walls. Minimally decorated and elegant, the subdued ambience keeps the diners' attention focused on the food created by its chef and the impeccable service provided by Emanuele Cozzo and his dining staff. At Bistrot 64, centring on the dining experience is foremost.

From Faro Restaurant in Japan to Bistrot 64 in Italy, Chef Kotaro Noda intrigues the various palates of food enthusiasts. He moved to the Italian capital many years ago after he fell in love with the Italian cuisine. Born in the Japanese island of Kobe, Kotaro then took a Marketing course at the university. His professional culinary career kick-started in the restaurant of Gualtiero Marchesi and his then sous chef Enrico Crippa in Japan. Kotaro learned the fundamentals of being a chef from Enrico, the kitchen philosophy of Gualtiero Marchesi, and the professionalism required in the job. He had a collection of experiences in the kitchens of important restaurants in Italy and abroad like the Magnolia Restaurant of Grand Hotel Via Veneto in Rome, Noma and Geranium, both in Copenhagen, Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence and finally, at Enoteca La Torre in Viterbo where Kotaro received his first  Michelin star. After the lineup of experiences in diverse kitchens, he moved to Bistrot 64 where he also received a Michelin star in November 2016.

Kotaro Noda's outlook in cooking is about the respect of the Italian cuisine tradition, keen regard of quality in the ingredients, adoption of Japanese and Italian cooking methods gained from his wealth of experience and knowledge, and finally the passion in generating inspiring new creations. Speaking with him, the first thing that he imparted is his high esteem of the Italian cuisine, how he wills his kitchen to stay focused on it. In fact, the Amatriciana, Carbonara and Cacio e Pepe pasta dishes (€10 for 50 grams / €15 for 100 grams) that he makes are all based on the traditional Italian recipes like how they used to be, unchanged and enjoyed throughout the centuries.

His dishes recounts stories of the flavors he knows well. One of his most popular mainstays in the menu is the Potato Spaghetti, Butter and Anchovies (€16) which represent two consistencies of shoestring potatoes resembling mock spaghetti on a sauce of French butter and anchovies. The flavors deliciously blend together in a balance of sapidity and smooth butter creaminess. An unforgettable seasonal entry to the menu is the Iberian Pork, Green Beans and Fermented Plum (€33). The tenderness of the meat cooked with delicate yet pronounced oriental-influenced flavors are captivating. Hopefully, Kotaro might leave it in the menu longer than one season.

The menu, which changes every season, features four entries for each course: Appetizers (€15 to €17), First Course of Pasta and Risotto (€20 to €24), Traditional Pasta Dishes ((€10 for 50 grams / €15 for 100 grams), Main Course of Fish and Meat (€32 to €33) and Desserts (€12). 

One of the strong points of Bistrot 64 is the approachability of the prices of the tasting menus. For a Michelin-starred restaurant, it is not a common feature. The three kinds of Tasting Menus available are: Just Us (€50) is composed of 5 courses chosen by the chef. Option to add wine pairing of 5 glasses is at €35. Simply Yours (€60) is a tasting menu composed of 5 courses that you choose yourself from the à la carte menu. Option to add wine pairing of 5 glasses is at €35. Innovation (€80) is an innovative journey of the chef where he chooses the dishes to uncover his kitchen philosophy. Option to add wine pairing of 7 glasses is at €45.

Via Guglielmo Calderini, 64

00196 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 063235531