Dine and Cruise at Volga Volga Restaurant in Saint Petersburg, Russia

With a system of rivers and canals running through Saint Petersburg, seeing the city from the water allows a different perspective in observing the resplendence of the metropolis. There are the usual boat tours that can be taken along the water but what can really be fascinating is dining while cruising along Neva, the largest river that flows along most of the center of the city. Volga Volga, a part of the Ginza Project, is a restaurant on a double-deck riverboat that's tastefully furnished for diners who want something particularly elegant and relaxing at the same time. 

Surrounded with panoramic glass windows, the main dining room on the lower deck is outfitted with wooden parquet, gray velvet chairs, large lamps and white linens on the tables that exudes a relaxed and refined atmosphere. The open-air observation deck instead is outfitted with outdoor tables and couches, throw pillows and blankets where al fresco dining can be a spectacular experience in putting together a breathtaking voyage seeing some of Saint Petersburg's important palaces and bridges while eating. With the one-hour trip, you can see the Dvortsoviy (Palace Bridge), Troitskiy (Trinity Bridge), Blagoveschenskiy (Annunciation Bridge), Winter Palace and Peter and Paul Fortress.

The menu by Chef Yuri Manchuk combines influences from various local and international culinary traditions specifically from Europe and Asia with an extensive selection of seafood, as well as meat and vegetables. Specialties include King Crab Legs Baked with Spicy Oil 3,900 Rubles (€54), Grilled Snow Crab Legs 1,290 Rubles (€18), Oyster Platter of 12 pieces 4,800 (€66), Assorted Steamed/Grilled Seafood 13,900 Rubles (€190), Various Red and Black Caviar from 790 to 4,900 Rubles (€11 to €67), Caviar Set of 5 at 30 grams each 7,900 Rubles (€108), Storganina of 100 grams around 800 Rubles (€11). Starters 490 to 2,990 Rubles (€7 to €41), Soups from 290 to 1,490 Rubles (€4 to €20), Pasta and Risotto from 1,190 to 4,900 Rubles (€16 to €67), Main Dishes from 490 to 8,900 (€7 to €122), and Desserts from 190 to 4,900 Rubles (€3 to €67).

Volga Volga Restaurant is moored along one of the city's thoroughfares, Petrovskaya Embankment between the Russian Cruiser Aurora and The Flying Dutchman. It departs daily between May to November on fixed schedules with starting from 13:00 until 24:00 daily (13:00 to 14:00, 15:00 to 16:00, 19:00 to 20:00, 22:00 to 23:00, and 24:00 to 01:00).

Volga Volga Restaurant

Petrovskaya Embankment 8

197046 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Tel: +7 812 6401616

Website: https://en.ginza.ru/spb/restaurant/volga-Volga

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/restoran.volgavolga/ 

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