Wines in Magnum Bottles at Ardengo Bistrot in Prato (Tuscany), Italy

Ardengo is a bistrot at the center of Prato that centers on a distinctive level of dining experience linking good wine and innovative food created by their chef Cristina Liguori. Opened in July 2017 by Mirko Banacchioni and Lorenzo Filippini who are both sommeliers with baggage of experiences, highlights one whole wall of the bistrot as its particularly interesting wine menu. The concept is greatly inspired by their mentor, the late Renzo Priori, one of the most distinguished experts on wines and a collaborator of important food and wine guides. With the eye catching magnum bottles of their white and red wine proposals line the wall upon entry to the modern and minimalistic space. The wine bottles are only available in magnum format as well as in glasses, with the use of the Coravin system that extracts the wine from the bottle without the need to pop the cork.

The name of the bistrot was inspired by Ardengo Soffici, a Tuscan from a town in Prato who had been a controversial Futurist artist and writer of the 20th century. Like the Futurist, the bistrot is inclined on unhackneyed propositions in experiencing the union of wine and food.

Chef Cristina Liguori and her kitchen staff work in the open kitchen which is visible to everyone. The philosophy is simple: use quality ingredients in the dishes inspired with creativity and effervescence. In short, the proposals are vibrant and inspiring which along wines, both Italian and international, will create a special bond in the palate. Choosing the right kind of wine with the food is fundamental in experiencing the best of both.

Ardengo, with a capacity of 35 seats, is a place for all budgets with food proposals that are divided into 3 price ranges: €4 to €5 for the lowest price range, €6 to €8 for the medium price range and €10 upwards for the highest price range.

Ardengo Ristorante

Via dei Cimatori, 6
59100 Prato, Italy

Tel: +39 366 5318415

Open daily for dinner except Mondays