The Flavors of the Sea at Locanda Indelli in Monopoli (Puglia), Italy

A small town along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Monopoli flourishes with a rich gastronomy tied to the waters. From the freshest catch of the fishing boats to the produce that are cultivated in its land, Monopoli, like its neighboring Apulian towns, has its own specialties on the table.

Locanda Indelli is located right in the heart of the ancient walled white city where it takes up the ground level of 4-star hotel Palazzo Indelli. The hotel houses twenty rooms in the 16th century building. Spacious inside with sixty seats and forty more outdoors on the square, the summer season can easily fill up the tables. Like most beautiful small seaside towns in Puglia, Monopoli receives throngs of people everyday, both from the area and visitors from far away.

There are a number of restaurants in the town and Locanda Indelli is one of the most appreciated ones for its supply of fresh seafood and territorial dishes. The proposals at the menu are mostly linked to the sea with reasonable prices. However, if you choose to have the fresh catch of the day for appetizer or main course, the price (inquire the price per kilo) is based on the weight of the seafood used in the dish. The wine list is limited but with good options.

Locanda Indelli

Piazza Garibaldi, 27

70043 Monopoli (BA), Italy

Tel: +39 080 9303050