1255 Pizzeria in Tivoli (Rome), Italy

You will know when the pizza is done well when you start digesting it like any other light food you eat. If you go through it smoothly without any sudden continued thirst and feeling of prolonged fullness, then my advice is, keep that pizzeria as a referral point for good pizzas. The soul of the pizza is the dough and that's what always counts when choosing the right one.

Pizza chef Maurizio Pizzi of 1255 Pizzeria has coursed through twenty years of his life dedicating utmost effort in search of what he believes is the perfect dough. He doesn't define his pizza as Neapolitan nor Roman but simply his own pizza, which was born out of continued research in determining the best qualities and techniques in attaining the perfect epitome of how the pizza should be. 

The pizzas of Maurizio go through 48 hours of maturation at very low controlled temperature after leavening then they are baked in large temperature-controlled electric ovens to attain the right external crunchiness and internal softness of the dough. The secondary ingredients used specifically salt and oil are halved while the water content is augmented. The toppings are traditional as well as gourmet versions using ingredients with very good quality.

Opened just less than a year ago in Tivoli Terme (just outside of eastern Rome) by Maurizio Pizzi and his wife Angela Bordonaro, 1255 Pizzeria has been receiving droves of pizza lovers who aim for their pizzas' high digestibility. In spite of having ample seats of 87 inside and 60 outside, do book ahead especially on weekends because the pizzeria gets fully-booked quickly. 

The menu proposals for a variation of appetizers are fried rice balls (supplì) at €2, bruschette between €3 - €4, pizza fritta at €5 and platters of prosciutto and cheese at €10. The pizzas are priced at €5 for the simplest Romana (tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and oregano) to the ones with more particular toppings of Wonder (stracciatella and truffles) at €11. Desserts are priced at an average of €5. There are also the occasional gourmet pizzas that are outside the menu that are very interesting to explore.

1255 Pizzeria

Via Alessandro Manzoni 2
Tivoli Terme (RM), Italy
Tel: +39 320 6033233
Email: info@1255pizzeria.it