Occident Meets Orient in the Kitchen of Claramì Bistrò in Frascati, Italy

Two divergent countries on opposite poles, one from the east and one from the west, two completely different gastronomy brought about by their distinctive cultures, come together in the kitchen of Chef Andrea Ritarossi at Claramì Bistrò. The amalgamation of sundry aromas remains persistent in the kitchen of Andrea, a stimulating direction that he executes with excellent results.   

Gaining his professional experiences in the capital before he joined Claramì Bistrò, Andrea was formerly the Chef de Partie of Michelin-starred Chef Glass Hostaria and the Executive Chef of Linea Maxxi. He is a talented young chef who has a substantial gastronomic world to explore and convey. He requires an audience who has a curious side to a synthesis of the expected and unexpected. His creations are distinctive and particularly exquisite. If you love oriental flavors within the range of the Italian palate, do come in and taste his dishes.

Claramì Bistrò was opened last May 2018 by proprietor Claudia Minerva, a sommelier and a gourmand who has taken steps in establishing her passion with culinary courses. With her expertise, she created the wine menu as well as the dessert line of the restaurant, which merit to be tried. She creates a number of very interesting proposals that parallel the kitchen of Andrea but still maintains some classic ones like her version of the ubiquitous tiramisù.

Claramì Bistrò is located in the small town of Frascati, which is about 25 kilometers on the southeast of Rome. It enjoys a central location in Piazza del Mercato, one of the town's small commercial square. The restaurant can easily get full with its compact size having a capacity of twenty inside and around the same number outdoors when the warm weather permits. It can get very busy on weekends so do book a table ahead.

The proposals in the menu change every season as well as the variability of the prices. The appetizers range from €6 for the vegetable spring rolls to platters of fish sashimi or carpaccio at €14. The sushi platters are priced at €20 while the vegetarian option costs €15. The ramen takes an average of €15. Raw meat dishes (tartare and marinated) are priced at €13 while the main courses of meat and fish cost €18. The dessert entries are between €5 to €7. 

There are also three well-priced tasting menu options which already include a glass of wine, water and coffee. Claudia consists of 4 dishes costs €30, Raffy, at €40 consists of 5 dishes and finally, the longest, Mìchi, consists of 6 dishes costs €50. Small to large aperitif menus are also available between €10 to €20.

One of the mainstays in the menu is the Uramaki with Marinated Meat which is a superb creation of Andrea. In place of the nori that wraps the sushi, a very thin layer of tender local beef marinated with the local wine takes its place. This dish is also depicted in one of the proposals for slices of raw beef. 

Claramì Bistrò

Piazza del Mercato, 19

00044 Frascati (RM), Italy

Tel: +39 019 07771

Email: claramisrls@gmail.com