Tenuta Bellafonte in Bevagna (Umbria), Italy

Collenottolo Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG and Arnèto Spoletino Umbria IGT by Tenuta Bellafonte, two wines that express elegance and the authenticity of the grape varieties in the heart of Umbria. Tenuta Bellafonte owned by Peter Heilbron, is located in a 30-hectare estate in the region of Umbria, not far from the town of Bevagna, near the village of Torre del Colle which is divided into woodlands, orchards of olive trees (mainly Moraiolo and some Frantoio and Leccino varieties) and vineyards. The vineyards occupy 11 hectares of the land between 260 to 320 meters above sea level with the cultivation of the Sagrantino and Spoletino grape varieties. 

Fertilizing the vines are veered towards the natural elements by using only animal manure from selected stables. In addition to that, the work in the vineyard is done with the use of mechanical tools to avoid the use of chemical herbicides. At the underground cellar, the circulation of air coming from outside is provided by the installed underground pipes. The pipes dispense constant humidity and even temperature naturally. The wines are aged in 30-hectoliter Slavonian oak barrels. In the bottling stage, the wines are not filtered to preserve their vitality.

Visiting the winery had been a pleasant discovery wherein Peter Heilbron himself conducted the visit and the tasting. The immaculately clean underground cellar housed different large Slavonian oak barrels where the wines were aging, 36 months for the Collenottolo and 6 months on the lees for the Arnèto. Bottle aging comes afterwards, 10 months for the Collenottolo and 4 more months for the Arnèto. 

The Arnèto which was poured from the bottle, has a crystal-clear golden yellow color, intense in the nose with notes of yellow stone fruits and tropical fruits with freshness and sapidity in the mouth. The Collenottolo instead was taken by Peter from the oak barrel for tasting. It was aging smoothly and softly in the oak and starting to impart its lovely characteristics to the nose and palate. It has yet to continue aging in the oak barrel and the bottle and the wine was already showing itself beautifully. 

Tenuta Bellafonte

Via Colle Nottolo, 2
06031 Bevagna (PG), Italy
Tel: +39 0742 710019
Email: info@tenutabellafonte.it

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Photo from Tenuta Bellafonte's site