I Migliori Vini Italiani 2018 di Luca Maroni in Frascati, Italy

The best Italian wines of Lazio, 240 labels in all, by more than 40 wine producers were on the spotlight in the fifth edition of I Migliori Vini Italiani 2018 di Luca Maroni (The Best Italian Wines For Luca Maroni) in Frascati. In the magnificent setting of Le Mura del Valadier in the town of Frascati at Castelli Romani, the collaboration between Luca Maroni, Comune of Frascati, Consorzio Tutela Vini Frascati and Gruppo di Azione Locale - Castelli Romani and Monti Prenestini (GAL) was a success just like the previous editions. 

Entitled Il Buono Nel Bello: I Migliori Vini Italiani di Luca Maroni, that transpired last 3 - 5 November 2017, the event was marked by three days of walk around wine tastings, a succession of sensory workshops dedicated to wine and other local products. Aside from wine and food, the event also combined poetry, literature and music to give an creative life to the wine event.

The sensorial journey that begins with the wine was enhanced through a series of prose and verse readings from Trilussa entitled Vino Bono by Michele La Ginestra, accompanied by the jazz duo Andrea Polinelli and Antonio Magli.

Who is Luca Maroni? Luca Maroni is a well-known Italian sensory wine analyst, who tests the wines according to an evaluating method of a series of sensory analysis that are based on three principles - Consistency, Balance and Integrity of the wines. The quality of the wine is expressed with a vote of 100 which is equivalent to the Indice di Piacevolezza or Index of Pleasantness (IP). Ninety-nine (99) is the highest score that can be attained because one hundred (100) cannot be assigned to any wine because the perfect wine score goes towards perfection. IP 99 (Maximum) = Consistency 33 + Balance 33 + Integrity 33.

This sensory analysis came into fruition when, three decades ago, he embarked on a project to find an objective method to understand wine, its perfumes, integrity and balance. Entering into rational contact with its pleasantness and discerning the soul of the fruit that produced it is the point of comprehension of an analysis that may seem complex but instead, it reflects simplicity.

The evaluation of Luca Maroni with the wines is different from other evaluations as he bases his analysis on three fundamental principles: Consistency, Balance and Integrity, each with a  maximum of 33 points.

Best Producer of the Year:

Poggio Le Volpi

Best Overall Italian Wines (IP99): 

Poggio Le Volpi Baccarossa 2014
Poggio Le Volpi Donnaluce 2015

1° Best Italian Red Wine (IP 98):

Falesco Montiano 2014
Masca del Tacco Susumaniello Epicuro 2016

2° Best Italian Red Wine (IP 97):

Federici Le Ripe 2016

3° Best Italian Red Wine (IP 96):

Casale Del Giglio Mater Matuta 2013

2° Best Italian White Wine (IP 95):

Casata Mergè Sesto 21 Sauvignon 2015

1° Best Italian Rosè Wine (IP 95):

Maurizio Pio Rocchi Petra Rosato 2016

1° Best Italian Sweet Wine (IP 93):

Casale del Giglio Aphrodisium 2016
Stefanoni Aleatico Colle de' Poggeri 2016

1° Best Frascati (IP 95):

Casata Mergè Frascati Superiore DOCG Sesto 21 2016 
Poggio le Volpi Epos Frascari Superiore DOCG Riserva 2015

2° Best Frascati (IP 93):

Villa Simone Frascati Superiore DOCG Vigneto Filonardi 2016

3° Best Frascati (IP 91):

Valle Vermiglia Eremo Tuscolano Frascati Superiore DOCG 2015 

1° Best Aromatic Spumante (IP 91):

Cantina Silvestri Virbio

I Migliori Vini Italiani di Luca Maroni

3 - 5 November 2017
Le Mura Del Valadier
Via Regina Margherita, 23
Frascati, Italy
Email: info@lucamaroni.com   
Website: http://www.imiglioriviniitaliani.com/

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