Baked Pistachio-Crusted Sole Fillet with Vitelotte Potatoes and Asparagus Salad

When I am able to cook a meal with really simple procedures, quickest time possible and ingredients that are readily available, then I call it a success. Oh yes, of course, the important part is that it should be delicious and nutritious. The Baked Pistachio-Crusted Fish is just seasoned with salt and pepper, covered with crushed pistachios then sprayed with extra virgin olive oil before I baked it. The Vitelotte Potatoes and Asparagus Salad instead are just boiled and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with salt. The whole meal is really that simple and I was able to use as little ingredients as I could.

With every sign of spring everywhere, this meal is perfect for the warm days ahead. Asparagus, potatoes (whether they are vitelotte or regular ones), and extra virgin olive oil make nutrient-packed ingredients for a refreshing salad that partners delectably with the pistachio-crusted fish. Any kind of white fish is good to use. Examples are sea bream, sea bass, cod, grouper, haddock, or snapper.   

Tilapia can also be a good candidate for this recipe but I would cease anything that has to do with this imported fish because of its unhygienic farming methods in China. Wait for the farming practices to get better before venturing again to using tilapia in your recipes. I, myself HAD been a big lover of tilapia but I stopped eating it for years. I have found great Italian white fish alternatives that have become permanent in my cooking. 

For the full recipe of this Baked Pistachio-Crusted Sole Fillet, get it at Skinny Ms., a site dedicated to all things healthy. For more of my recipes there, click on my Profile Page. Hoping you are all enjoying your week!

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