Ristorante La Ciucculella in Vasto (Abruzzo), Italy

A genuinely good restaurant has good service that begins as soon as you call to book your table. I was traveling with my family of 4-1/2 with two kids and a medium-sized dog. I know, it's the family composition that can make anyone on the receiving end of the phone call twitch but what impressed me is that we were greeted warmly at the door and we were immediately ushered to the beach patio where we can leave our dog (if we wanted to of course) so we can stay close enough to him but be able to eat peacefully inside.

Both pictures taken from their site.
Ristorante La Ciucculella is situated along the beach walk of Vasto and one side of it faces the beach. It was one fine day in late March so the beach season was still on a standstill and a lot of places still closed and boarded up. The restaurant is spacious both indoors and outdoors. Looking around its exclusive white and beige theme, I could imagine how striking it would be in full summer. 

Lunch was served indoors with full glass doors and windows facing the beach. We were just inches from the dreamlike painting of summer in the beach of Vasto. The weather was still at the borderline of being acceptably warm and comfortable to dine out. For that day, we watched the beach behind the glass. 

The food was exceptional from the amuse bouche all the way to the dessert and the complimentary little cakes and tarts we received along with the coffee. Chef Franco Loreto breathes a contemporary flair to his signature dishes where he balances tradition with innovation.

Amuse Bouche: Sfogliatella con Baccalà e Lamponi (Sfogliatella with Codfish & Raspberry Sauce) 
Appetizer: Parmigiana Croccante ai Frutti di Mare in Guazzetto Marinaro (Crunchy Parmigiana with Seafood Stew)

Pasta: Paccheri agli Scampi (Paccheri with Langoustines)
Main Course: Brodetto alla Vastese "La Nostra Tradizione" (Vasto Seafood Broth "Our Tradition")

Main Course: Spadellata di Pesce Spada con More, Lamponi e Pistacchi Croccanti (Sautèed Sword Fish with Blackberries, Raspberries and Crunchy Pistachios)

Dessert: Semifreddo di Mandorle e Mostaccioli in Salsa di Confetto Pelino (Almond and Mostaccioli Semifreddo in Confetto Pelino Sauce)

Aside from good food, service counts a thousandfold in a restaurant and when both efficiency and quality are to be lauded, the whole dining experience becomes unforgettable. Ristorante La Ciucculella is definitely the dining experience in Vasto. 

Ristorante La Ciucculella

Lungomare Cordella Vasto
66054 Marina di Vasto (CH)
Tel: +39 0873 801844
Email: info@laciucculella.it

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